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Oldest mosque in the Balkans

 One of the oldest mosques in the Balkans in the village Mlike, Kosovo.The mosque was built in 1289th the Gregorian calendar (688th Sefer AH) and reconstructed (expanded) by Ahmet aga 1822nd the Gregorian calendar (1238th AH). This fact proves the memorial plaque that was written in Arabic. The mosque was built by Muslims before the arrival of the Turks in the Balkans, for the caravans that went to Dubrovnik and other coastal towns.In the courtyard of the mosque is a cemetery with tombstones.... continue reading

Valentine's day

Soon Valentine's Day!Personally, I am not a fan of the celebration details: glamor pink hearts and fluffy toys angels everywhere,but nevertheless I like this holiday.I did some illustrations on the theme of love :)Happy Valentine's Day to you all!Sincerely love and be loved!Warmth for you :)collection of holiday pictures:    continue reading

Because like so to do

Everyone has his story about everything. For example, I like photography.Many years ago, I like it only through enjoying photos. Because no money buying camera. But however, I like it and enjoy it, never tired for it.When I have my-own camera, I treated them just like my lovers. Looking at the camera, the lens...I always feel satisfaction everytime. Because I like them.Although I will tired when finished photography, Whether myself or with other photographers, I always enjoy the course.... continue reading

Such a building you like it?

Ancient architecture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, the palace buildings is one of the most magnificent. No matter on the structure, or in form, they all show the royal dignity and palatial style, to distinguish it from other types of buildings.The type of jinxiu garden architectureThe type of airy pavilions and pagodas architectureThe type of temple, Taoist temple architectureThe type of buddhist temple architectureThe ancient town, local-style dwelling houses building... continue reading

Why photography? (win a 7 credit sale!)

Share your obsession with photography, why you like it, what makes you admire your subjects and what you want dream of capturing one day and where would be your dream destination for photography?Great to know your fellow photographers better and you might hit upon something you haven't yet tried but others have.About the 7-credit sale, let's see who comes up with something really interesting. Preferably newbies. I have a lot of credits from blog articles, which have been popular due to... continue reading

The Chinese like to eat dumplings!

Dumpling, the Chinese are very like to eat food.Especially in the north of China people special love to eat, it is a kind of pasta food, dumplings with meat and vegetables, which contain various vitamins, is especially beautiful to taste, nutrition is very rich.Especially during the holidays, people in the home production this kind of food, to improve the good life. continue reading

Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone.May you good health, happiness and good luck.This is my first year spent in DT。I register in DT only two months. I very like here. continue reading

potential photo

Photos of the past, I find some of the feel-good photo.I believe they have the potential to be downloaded.Some feel pretty good, I hope someone will like and download.Good photo of the standard is very bad definition.But no matter how different it must adhere to when you press the shutter, the finder screen must be moved to their own.The theme is very messy, hope you like. continue reading

400 Sales achievement !!!

Today, sales reached 400!I want to thank to Dreamstimeand everyone who liked my stuff,who purchased my images.Thank you! ;-} continue reading

30 files online!

I uploaded my first photos on DT in April last year and during the first year I basically had 10 photos here, getting 10 sales as well.During the last week I've increased my portfolio rapidly from 10 to 30 photos! Sales have only increased by 1 though but most of my new photos are maybe not yet fully indexed in the search engine. Gonna keep on uploading, 50 photos not far away now!I actually have 10 accepted photos in a row now so confidence is peaking. :)Please press the key if you like!... continue reading

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