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Successful or not?

I often try to improve myself and upload more and more to make a living out of this business but...we all know that,sometimes we lack:inspiration,time,mood etc..These articles are for those who wondering why there are not successful in this business(including me)and maybe will help to do better in this businessstrugglereasonshelp continue reading

Strange links, has this happened to anybody else?

I was investigating SEO by reading some very good articles in the blogs of the DT community, specifically this articleby Aleksandar Horvat's Blog, which I recommend highly...I did a Google search for one of my imagesTo my surprise, it came up quite high on the Google page, but I didn't recognize the page.While it is nice to see an image of mine floating around in the great morass of Google, can anybody explain, in a little more detail, what are the arrangements?The image... continue reading

My first Level 2 image...many thanks

Funny how things are not always what they appear to be...A chain is associated with repression and security but we forget the value of the links...links in a chain of events that move images up the chain from Level 1 etc...So my first Level 2 image is a link to the future. I, too, am grateful to the extended DT community for the sense of belonging and support...and many thanks to the buyers...without you, who are we...In fact, we are all links in the same chain...from strength to strength continue reading

500 images in my portfolio!

I've passed 500 images in my portfolio!Here is my photo number 500!!!It's from a small series about beauty salon.Now I have to work hard to get to 1000...I just want to share with you my happiness! :-)My portfolioMy blogMy page on Facebook continue reading

I am on Facebook NOW !

Dear fellow photographers,I am also available on facebook.You can find my page atMy Facebook Page.Really hope to see u there , where you can find links a whole lot of my images and other free images.Welcoming your visits to my Facebook Page.Thanks and regards,Subhrajyoti continue reading

The Joy Of Referral Links!

Since last August DreamsTime had launched a massive referral program on placing DT banners on your own web page (Site, Blog etc), placing it on the welcome page & offering $5 bonus for each submission! It's a great encouragement for the members to be active on the web & to promote them selves & of course DT!Till now I haven't bring any news I know!But the joy is after, as clicking these links became one of my navigation habits to kill my curiosity as a designer...I found a lot of interesting... continue reading

Increase Your Sales with Inbound Links

There is one major element of SEO that is somewhat out of your control as a website owner.Unfortunately, it happens to be one of the most important elements and is capable of massively increasing the amount of traffic to your site in a matter of days, sometimes even minutes.In case you hadn’t guessed by the title, this element is inbound links.In other words, links from other sites to yours.Why are inbound links important?Inbound links are great for SEO for 2 main reasons:1. They... continue reading

Where to get started in stock photography ...

My stock photography blog has a useful timeline documenting my own experiences and lots of helpful information and resources for those new to submitting to stock. It has been recently updated so you might want to check it out ...Mark Payne's Stock Photography Blog-Mark continue reading

Finally here is the links of the images i used in print publications

Reading Patrick Allen's recent blog and such similar blogs in DT, and the excitement when you spot your image in use. I'm compelled to provide you the links of the work, I have done with images from DT and one more other site. I have only managed to upload and convert just 61 magazines online. Infact I wanted to convert the latest issues which has more images from DT, Insha Allah one day yeah I promise one day I will upload them and provide you with links.FIND YOUR IMAGES HERE, 65% IMAGES USED... continue reading

Find Me Everywhere

So now the the internet is full of great nooks and cranny's I wanted to share some of the places you can find info about me and my work.Facebook Fan PagePersonal WebsitePersonal BlogTwitterJPG MagAnd of course right here at my favorite stock website DTBuy the great image above from Galinka86 continue reading

Stock photography that blogs

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