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You would never guess, what is copyrighted these days...

Copyright issues are one of the most confusing and frustrating among contributors in today's dynamic and profit-driven world. Where ever there is some new architectural structure or a new product or even word of speech - there is always someone who wants and has it protected from unlicensed use. Believe me, it makes you feel that just about ANYTHING can, under circumstances, be copyrighted these days and the vision of a free world and free speech is a daydream. You have to be cautious when you... continue reading

Finding the time and keeping a list.

We've all hit that burnout point in photography, when you just don't feel like picking up the camera.  I'm the first to admit I'm trying to juggle an awful lot with stock photography/flickr community and this blog.  Keeping a list of fresh and new ideas will mean you're never short of inspiration.The importance of keeping a log of ideas as a photographer cannot be stressed enough, especially as I begin to embark on a journey to get a decent turnover from stock photography.  This has come about... continue reading

Need to be NORMALLY Materialistic

Ages n' Ages we have been taught by our religions and spiritual gurus to be away from the materialistic world and into our souls. Get away from attachments, desires and just think about god to attain Moksha. For some reason I am realizing that getting materialistic is now become one of the steps towards god. Most of us have become dependent and insanely attached to technology in the digital for and internet which is all virtual. Just some major technical setback or a terrorist attack technically and... continue reading

Vectors Aren't Just For Illustrations

It seems like all to often when speaking with other artists or micro stock community members, even potential clients, that the overall belief is that vector art is reserved for illustrations and logos only. While I certainly agree that these items benefit greatly from vector formats and are given a wider range of uses as a result, it seems as though people often times forget that more realistic looking imagery can also benefit from the scalability of vectors. To learn more about vectors go here... continue reading

Decision process

Making decisions is not always easy...I stopped, looked, listened and came to the conclusion it would definitely be a good thing to become DT exclusive.So here we go, I crossed the line! continue reading

Profitable Opt-in Lists Made Easy

Have you created what you thought was a profitable opt-in list only to find that all that money you are supposed to be making isn’t coming in? You’ve read all the articles telling you how great opt-in lists are for making money online; you’ve read through testimonial after testimonial and you were sure that this is what you were missing all that time! Then you tried it but it didn’t quite work the way you thought it would. You might even be losing money because you’ve incurred expenses without... continue reading

How to Tell if You're a Microstocker

-In every situation of life, you immediately start keywordingin your head.“So nice to meet you, Mr. Jones! man, male, Caucasian, person, bald,smile, businessman…Who was that? Oh? Your new secretary?hottie, blonde, fake boobs, bitchOh, wow! I like your new car! automobile, chrome, transporta…I’d have to clone out that logo … shiny, highway-Instead of telling the doctor your sick child has been looking pale, you say “her white balance is a little off.... continue reading

Building an RF shot list

Hi All ,Here is an 30 minute video explaining how we go about building a shot list for a day of shooting. This is not for everyone but I hope you can find one small piece of info that will help your future productions.Cheers,JonathanAVAVAI am so sorry everyone. What a goof up. Here is the link. Please have a good chuckle over this one. LINK continue reading

Shopping List!

For the past 2 years I have been taking some good shots and have done some small jobs with outdated equipment which was minimal to begin with.So I have finally compiled a shopping list which I cannot afford, slowly though I may have it all.Let the list begin:Pentax K20D (camera body) = $ 669.95Pentax Battery Grip = $129.95Pentax Rechargeable Battery = $39.95Pentax Telephoto SMCP-DA* 50-135mm f/2.8 = $749.95Hoya 67mm UV Filer = $22.35Pentax K20D Camera Armor = $29.95... continue reading

Realistic Dragon vector..... HELP

I have been trying to find a vector image of a dragon with its body. I have been looking on Dreamstime and another site for 5 months. I was wondering if anyone out there had something that could help me find what I am looking for. Your help would be soooo very appreciated!Thank you, continue reading

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