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In Search of a Lost Niche

When I started shooting microstock I read as much about it as possible, mostly on the internet but also in a book or two. A common theme was the importance of a niche, finding it and going for it (presumably as opposed to not having a niche but still going for it). You ain’t got a niche son, you ain’t going nowhere; or sentiments to this effect.But what is a niche? A quick Internet search produces:“…Adjectivedenoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to... continue reading


Some time ago I deleted many pictures from my camera, by accident... I did not have a chance to copy them to any storage device earlier, and a part of them was very precious to me. So I decided to find a way to recover them! My files had never dissapeared that way before, but I knew for sure that I should not use the flash card for taking new photos if I want deleted photos to be recovered, otherwise there’s a poor chance to recover the files.I searched through Internet looking for the cure,... continue reading

The day without Dreamstime

Somehow, since November12 , the page of DT and all the images was wrong! They can't be displays correctly in computer. I have ask some friends and they told me it's alright! From then on, I just like lost my soul and in expectation it's OK soon. In the morning everyday, the first thing when I got up was looking it, but it's bad all. When I cameback home, the first what I did was opened the computer to see, but it's bad yet. Day and day, I was always in disappointment. Until just now, What... continue reading

Priceless monuments lost in war zones of Syria and Iraq

There are historic monuments that you will never get to visit. They are the silent victims of war zones, they stood proud for millennia only to be destroyed by bombs and crossfire.These places take their legacy with them in the rubble of war.Ancient city of Bosra, SyriaBosra, once the capital of the Roman province of Arabia, was an important stopover on the ancient caravan route to Mecca. A magnificent 2nd-century Roman theater, early Christian ruins and several mosques are found within its... continue reading

New and confuse

hi, I'm a newbie hereand I'm quiet confuse about the license aggreement in the management area. Need some suggestion which one do I really need to choose.The following options are:( )Web Usage (E-EL)( )Print Usage (P-EL)( )Sell the rights (SR-EL, SR-EL 1, SR-EL 3)use recommended price(recommended price: $250) or set a priceWhich one should I choose. In some of my submitted photos, I actually checked all three options. Though, I'm still waiting for the response from... continue reading

Something lost...lives on in stock

Over the last 4 years of doing stock photography I have photographed many a household item.Several of those items have subsequently been lost, stolen, sold or broken.For some reason I find it satisfying every time I get a sale for one of those items ;)Here are a few:What do you have in your portfolio that you no longer own but still keeps paying the bills ? continue reading

10th Anniversary of September 11

In honor of those who lost their life onSeptember 11.[ continue reading

download own images

is there a way to download my own images, and NOT be charged,,?i lost a few images on my computer archieve due to a magor crash and lostfew, but this is the only site where the images are..thanks alex continue reading

Always, Always, Always Back-Up your Stuff!

Everyone seems to have a story when it comes to losing precious data from their computer and it's not just photos I've lost in the past, it's been music, bookmarks, contacts etc. . . .Let's face it, if your computer suffers a major failure there's an awful lot of stuff we take for granted that can suddenly disappear in the blink of an eye.That's why backing up your data is vitally important and while I'm mainly going to describe my photography back-up processes, it's equally important to back-... continue reading

Machu Picchu, the lost city of Incas

I climb that last, extremely steep, 30 or so steps, pass through some castle like walls and there is magic in the air!Not having that much experience as some other members here, this time I'm also trying to take you in a tour to the Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu in Perú.I arrive at the Sun Gate (Intipunku) early in the morning, before the sun starts to shine on Machu Picchu, on the 4th day of trekking the Inca Trail.We got out of our camping tents it was still dark nigh, at around 4:30AM,... continue reading

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