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My first selling

I'm a newbie in Dreamstime! This is my first selling image on Dreamstime :P. There is such a lot of world to see and discover. There is always an adventure waiting just round the corner. They say that ” beauty is in the eye of the beholder ” and sharing that beauty in any and every little thing is what life is all about. We are always learning something new and we never know what we might learn in the next few minutes.My passion is what drives me, for every little thing is an inspiration to... continue reading


So Ive been around the world, and seen flowers from Asia, America, Europe, Africa, and the list goes on and on. I have never found a flower as cool as the Lotus! It is an accent plant that can survive thousands of years as it has the rare ability to lie in stasis or hibernation per say, and come to life many years later. Another cool fact I learned about this flower, is that is controls its flowers temperature by regulating water from the lily in an attempt to draw insect that pollinate. Thats pretty... continue reading

second 100$

finally reached the second 100usd on dt. wish more sales coming and more images been approved from now on. continue reading

My first sale on Dreamstime.

Hello everybody!! I'm new on Dreamstime and I have only 17 photos uploaded until now.One of my photos was downloaded in the first day of April. I wish to thank you!!I am an IT engineer in China and I love photography in my rest time.I hope you will visit my profile!! Thank you very much! continue reading

hi, guys

I'm really pleased to see the comments, my friendsMy first name is Guangli, so you can call me Guangli or Gloria.Guangli now say hello to everyone here: Good morningWell, is it morning now for we all?This weekend, i have a short-term travel with my colleagues. The place has beautiful lotus and delicious salted duck egges. I will take good pictures for you.PS:ERROR: Please include at least one Dreamstime image related to the subject of your article! (So far, i only six photos:... continue reading

Pink lotus

china Lotus flowerThe china Lotus flower symbolizes divinity, fertility,Peace and happiness,wealth, knowledge and enlightenment. It is associated with the goddess of Wisdom, guanyin, who brings prosperity, purity and generosity. She sits on a fully blossomed lotus flower, symbolizing purity, beauty and continue reading

An unexpected sale

One week ago,I found that I have a U-EL ($ 13.39) sales.I was surprised and happy, this is my the first U-EL on DT.I am grateful to the buyers and DT,I will continue making great efforts.This is a picture of a lotus, I shot at the end of July this year. continue reading

elegant lotus

it's season to enjoy the beautiful lotus,most of chinese people love lotus flower, because the lotus flower is very quiet and elegant, just like chinese traditional standard of personality.the leaf and bud is also pretty,lotus is realy the most beautiful flower in the park. July is the best time to enjoy the beautiful scene in the lake and pond. it's also photographer's holiday to get the most beautiful picture. it's a traditional life for chinese people to view and enjoy lotus in July. continue reading

Season of the lotus.

Season of the lotus.Have sentences to well praise the lotus in China, this is Lotus grows out of the mud ,yet it is clean; It is born to be beautiful yet not seductive.It likens and was born in the dirty environment but not pollute, still keeps pure character.Summer Lake in the heart of the island, full of the flowers in full bloom. Pleasant lotus reflect sunshine, getting pink quiet petal, alike to shine into the red face, in full bloom bright-coloredly.The pleasure-boat on... continue reading

Lotus – The Flower Represents Gentleman

Lotus is a loveable summer flower. It is said by Zhang Chao, an chinese scholar in Qing dynasty, that:‘Most flowers that are pretty have no smell, and those that have multilayer petals do no beat fruit. How rare is a perfect talent! The lotus, however, has all these attributes.' (Translated by Lin Yutang.)Lotus is hornored with the name of a ‘gentleman’(gentleman in chinese standard, as a matter of fact). This is because lotus is not only a perfect talent in flowers, but also shares human... continue reading

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