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Loving your working place -1

It's hard to say how many people really love their work. At least, not all of my colleagues have to work because they have to earn money to pay for the apartment fee,pay their children's tuition,and enjoy the entertainment and so on...I could hear so much complaint in the work although sometimes I was also one of them: the boring work because of repeat issue happen again,challenge from other function without any reasonable, no justification customer...There is 24H one day and usually I work in... continue reading

Summer loving and the Dreamstime assignment contest

Everyone has a season they love the most, and normally I would say for me its Autumn.. however I have really had a beautiful summer with many adorable models, and the photo explosion has given me 5 entries into the Dreamstime assignment contest this month!Although I would love to be a winner in the contest, any image that gets chosen is already a winner as it gives you a level 5 image and gets you better placement. Does this really help? Well out of my last 20 sales, 10 of the sales were actually... continue reading

I am loving it

I'm not really new to Dreamstime. So embarrassing that I don't have many uploads yet. Hehe..But now I'll try to do my best, by drawing and uploading everyday. Well so far I do enjoy andloving it. :) Drawing is fun!!And absolutely waiting for my first sale too..:)               continue reading

Realizations when Loving Someone You Can Never Have

Writing articles about love, relationships, heartbreaks, etc. is a very interesting topic, i guess.I know most of the women or even men can relate on this too. When it comes to the matter of the heart, people tend to be more interesting especially when you put a nice title on it that captures their eyes. I come up to this title cause it somehow related to my own personal journey in love and life in particular.They say "love is its meaningless when you're in-love". When we say LOVE, it's a very... continue reading

Im loving this.

The last day of 2012. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. The time was ten in the morning, and I was cuddling my (at that moment) 6 month old son, while trying to get pictures with my Nikon 9100. I failed, and the compact fell to the ground. Lens locked, screen totally smashed....My girlfriend thought I would get mad as hell, because getting images of my son in playfull moments was something (and ofcourse still is) something I took dead serious. My son is my everything. But the falling... continue reading

In Loving Memory

In loving MemoryHoochFeb 1994Sept 22nd 2009 10:30 AMHooch you lived your life to its fullest!You gave me joy and peace.When I was down,You would make me smile.I will miss your kisses.When I came in the door.You loved me unconditionally.Now you are gone and I am sad.I know this was best for you.I hope I wasn’t selfish andKept you too long. Or let youGo too soon.There is no more painYou have to endureOnly peaceNo one will ever take your placeIn my... continue reading

loving joshua tree

I recently spent some time in the gorgeous Joshua Tree National Park.. I was lucky enough to be there for a few days so i was able to study the best lighting conditions and plan my shoot out in advance.I was mostly shooting high def video footage, but i took the time to get some stills as well. Normally JT is cloudless so i got lucky with these gorgeous clouds. It felt like being a kid in a candy store with an unlimited tab. continue reading

Loving heart

My husband is fond of everything Irish. Their music, their customs, their land and history... etc. He dreams to visit this country one day.It was February, a time close to St.Valentine's day when I decided to make an unusual gift to my beloved. All those coloured heart shapes seemed so boring to me, I was close to give up looking for smth new. Then I got an insight! Joining celtic knot and a heart shape gave me a wonderful combination!My husband was 1000km away that time, so I sent my gift by... continue reading

Loving Dreamstime

I joined up on Dreamstime on May 12, 2008 and was really not sure if I would make it or not as a member cause so many other Stock sites turned me down instantly because of my photography style.Animal photography is my main subject of shooting and all the other sites said come back in a month or two when you have shot some thing different.I waited 9 days for my pictures to start going through the review process.At first I did not understand why it took so long to review the pictures because all... continue reading

I'm new here and loving it.

I just joined Dreamstime a few weeks ago and I'm learning lots.I have enjoyed photography since I was a little kid following my dad around as he took pics of animals, nature, and everyone he met.The best advice he ever gave me was:"LOOK."Sounds simple, but you don't know how many people I've met who don't actually look through their lens...they just point and click.Anyway, I've got lots to learn here about photography and all, so I'd better get started. continue reading

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