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My first Level 4 picture

Thank you all of you for the supportI reached my first level 4 with my macro picture of the tasty coffee beans. I cant find the people how bought my pictures but thanks to all of them and all the Dreamstime Team.All the best for all of youimage13615217 continue reading

Results from DIY $5 studio set.

Recently I came across a blog article about how to make a cheap studio for macro photography. The idea is pretty simple. Take a cardboard box, slice three of its sides and glue the tissue paper on them. Inside the box put a nice long black/white sheet and you are ready with your homemade studio. The results are way too better than I initially thought.(More photos on my portfolio)I am pretty pleased with the results. If you haven't got your stdio yet, give it a try! continue reading

Frog in the bathroom ...

On a recent work trip I opted to leave the toliet for Sebastian, a Green Tree Frog who I named after it seemed he wasn't hopping away. He spent his time either right in the bowl itself or under the rim. I found moths around the outdoor lights which he gladly ate in exchange for some very natural and capable modeling.The arrangement meant that I was not able to use my toliet but was a small price to pay for some of the shots I was able to get.I had with me a flash head and cord as well as an... continue reading

My butterfly macro photography tips for beginners

I have some tips for all of you that have just started to do macro photography of insects. I want to share what I have learned a few days ago when I was going to shoot some butterflies.It is very hard to get close to these beautiful and colorful little creatures without scaring them off. My first mistake was that I have always tryed to get close to them. I followed them until they sit on some flower and then I have been trying to photograph them while they feed. That is wrong. With macro lens... continue reading

Getting Into Macrophotography: My Two Cents Worth

Macrophotography is a lot of fun and one of the most rewarding kind of photography you can do.But it can also be an expensive proposition --- the camera, the lens, and the medical bills if you happen to annoy a few insects in the process :) While you can definitely start with a compact camera as I did, serious macrophotography requires some serious gadgets. So before you make any purchase, be sure you'll stick it out and make sure you know what you want to get out of macrophotography.Here are... continue reading

Macro on the Cheap

I love taking pictures of leetle things and someone else wrote a great blog about week ago about their approach using extension tubes.I use a raynox DCR150 macro dipter to take my macro shots and whilst it is limited in comparison to a dedicated macro lens it is possible if a little more difficult to take som nice very detailed sharp shots.It is a simple clip on device that fits on the front end of a lens and costs in the region of 50USD.I have never used a dedicated macro lens so I have... continue reading

Macro, cheaply

Wanted to share a couple of images which are now online that I shot using extension tubes.The first was fairly easy of inanimate objects.The one with the spider was a bit difficult given that it was fidgeting around its web and it was a bit windy as well that day. I tried to maintain a fair distance from the spider by using a 50mm lens instead of a 28mm one with the extension tube. Stopped the aperture down so I'd get most of its body in focus, and cranked the ISO up. Luckily the wind stayed quiet... continue reading

The Challenges of Macrophotography

Macrophotography presents its own set of challenges quite distinct from your usual photography.First of all, you have to spring for the lens, and that's nothing to sneeze at.Then, you have to get dirty --- I mean, you have to kneel, sit, even lie on the ground to take the shots you want.You have to assume awkward, sinew stretching positions so you can take a picture of that itsy bitsy ladybug underneath that teeny weeny leaf.Plus you have to suffer ants feasting on your feet and endure static... continue reading

Summer is a great time to...

write your text here...enjoy the blue sky, daydream at interesting cloud formations and capture some of them.The light is amazing; in June it's brighter, in July it is more golden.... photograph wildflowers and plants and learn to identify them.Where there are flowers, you are sure to find butterflies.(Or ladybugs, bumblebees, hoverflies, other insects).When photographing butterflies, be patient.Avoid sudden movements, don't rush. Eventually... continue reading

Going Manual

I started shooting pictures in college back in the day when you used a light meter, everything on the camera was manual and post processing consisted of a bit of dodging and burning on the enlarger. Needless to say the move to digital has been full of learning curves, mostly figuring out what all the camera can do and how to make adjustments to have it do what I want.The one bit of advice I have is not to be afraid to go back to manual. Just because the camera and it's little micro chips can make... continue reading

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