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Lightbox Tent photography

I love to photography the landscape and cityscape. Unfortunately, it seems that it is not quite high demand. Most of the time, they are not considered as "stock oriented" picture when I tried some creative or so called artistic point of view.After more that 250 uploads of 370 submissions picture, I come with the fact that isolated items picture are more demanded and some more for the daily used items.So I decided to try to do some "stock-oriented" picture ;) I bought a cheap lightbox tent.... continue reading

My first approved photos on Dreamstime

I joined this community just recently. I wanted to take a shot at micro-stock photography. I am also new in dslr world. Really like macro photography, but i am pretty sure that i will need to do a much more then just a macro photography to start having some sales here. I have uploaded about 40-50 photos, but only 12 are approved. So for now i will continue to shoot, upload and wait for my first sale. I cannot wait to see which of my photos will be my first sold one.Here are some of my first photos... continue reading

Upload № 400!

I am happy to share with you two facts about my portfolio development:Fact № 1: I just reached 400 images in my portfolio. The lucky picture is this one:Fact № 2: This picture is the first one shot with my brand new macro lens Canon EF 50/2.5 compact macro. I hope this will help me further provide Dreamstime's customers with more high quality pictures that inspire designer's everyday work.Some more of my latest pics shot in Montenegro and Croatia: continue reading

Rhododendron tomentosum, the Beauty of Peat Bogs

Rhododendron tomentosum (Marsh Labrador Tea, syn. Ledum palustre) is a low shrub (usually about 30-100 cm tall) with evergreen leaves and delicate white inflorescences or clusters of flowers. Related to the large and showy Rhododendrons which grow in parks and gardens, Rhododendron tomentosum is an uncultivated plant which grows in peat bogs and pine bogs. The Common name “Labrador Tea” originates from swamps of Greenland and Labrador, where the plant is plentiful.Rhododendron tomentosum... continue reading

Macro lenses and pics

Last week was going to buy a new lense and to start with the macro photography,captured by the beautiful images I have seen around lately.Went to the shop and asked for the Tamron 90mm f2.8 which is a great one and not too expensive,compared to the Nikon ones,like the Nikkor 60mm f2.8 or the Nikkor 105mm f2.8;another great one is the Sigma 105mm f2.8...don't know about the Canon ones (out of the Canon 100mm f2.8),more into Nikon stuff,sorry!Anyway I asked about it but they didn't know and even... continue reading

Heading outside... A follow up

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about the break of spring and the excitement of heading outside to take pictures and thought I would follow it up with some observations (and pictures) :)My first observation is how high the bar is set for acceptance of images of "nature in action", this is not a complaint in fact it has forced me to take better pictures and be more critical of my own work.I am sure it is primarily due to the ubiquity of subject and the nature of the slow sales but would love... continue reading

This is me :)

I'm new to this world of stock photography. I thought I was a decent photographer until I had photo after photo rejected. Wow what a blow to the good 'ol ego. Sheesh!So this is where I stand as of today, and I thought I would share the stories behind the photos I have the privilege of sharing here on DT.First and foremost, my daughter. This was taken on a warm summer day and it was the first time she sat unassisted. I remember it well, she sat looking around trying to figure out what the... continue reading

Macro Photography Tips

Pixalweb photographer explains why he fell in love with macro photography and shares his tips with amateur photographers.He also shares with our readers his favorite macro shots.Anyone who has visited my Flickr gallery would know that I am an avid fan of macro photography (specially insects). Some people find my passion for shooting insects difficult to digest. What is so tempting about photographing insects that I can spend hours together behind a small creature to get that best shot?... continue reading

Tips On Underwater Macro Aquatic Photography

Photographing underwater subjects can be tricky, at sometimes nearly impossible. Instead of taking my camera under the murky depths, I bring the subjects up and place them into a special small portable aquarium I built with a plastic bottom and ultra thin glass walls. The rear glass is a special non-glare glass, which not only cuts back on glare but blurs out the backgrounds that I either paint or create by placing natural objects behind. For objects on the bottom as props, such as drift wood, I drill... continue reading

Heading outside :)

I'm heading into my 4th month of taking photographs for Stock and the change in weather has seen me head outside and see what I can get from nature.I did a 365 project last year and rapidly discovereed I love taking pictures of bugs and leetle thingsIt is a bit of an adventure at the moment and my approval rating has taken a bit of a hit whilst I am trying to get an image quality acceptable here.Balancing composition, exposure, lighting and capturing leetle things is really tough... continue reading

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