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Lembeh Strait, The Mecca for Underwater Macrophotography

It is likely for non-divers for not knowing where is Lembeh Strait since the main attraction on the island is diving. Lembeh strait is located in between two islands, Sulawesi and Lembeh, off the north east coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia.Traveling to North Sulawesi might be more identical with visiting Bunaken National Park, a protected area which is more famous than Lembeh Island. So, why should I go to Lembeh and not to Bunaken? Which one is prettier? Bunaken or Lembeh? Well guys, I’m so sorry to... continue reading

Trust me, I'm a Macro Photographer

  Hi, I'm Antony and I came to be a photographer via engineering, popular music, plumbing, classical music, building maintenance, separation, divorce, fine art painting, college lecturing and caring for an elderly relative. Doubtless you are thinking this was a rather circuitous route! Life is what it is, it does what it does and if you let it, it will take you on a significant journey. Alternatively you could end up photographing bugs in your back garden, dreaming of the day you can retire and... continue reading

Some fast tips on photographing insects and other invertebrates

Insects are a very interesting subject to photograph. Can be useful, however, to have some foresight, to get a better result. Know your "enemy" insects are an interesting subject to photograph because they are virtually everywhere, but it must be familiar with the biology of the species that interest us, to be able to photograph them. I therefore strongly recommend to buy a small field manual on the entomological fauna of your region, or about the group of insects of you interest.... continue reading

Microscope and macrophotography

The microscope capacitates small objects to be observed.Under the microscope, bacteria, even those with no flagella, often bounce about in the water.And you can find anything interesting.Taking a photo with the microscope is not only beneficial to education, but also conducive to macrophotography.Macro photography gives us a chance for learning to adjust the shutter speed and aperture.It is good for photography.I often take photo with 1/250, F 7.0If you have any good idea,please call... continue reading

Getting Into Macrophotography: My Two Cents Worth

Macrophotography is a lot of fun and one of the most rewarding kind of photography you can do.But it can also be an expensive proposition --- the camera, the lens, and the medical bills if you happen to annoy a few insects in the process :) While you can definitely start with a compact camera as I did, serious macrophotography requires some serious gadgets. So before you make any purchase, be sure you'll stick it out and make sure you know what you want to get out of macrophotography.Here are... continue reading

The Challenges of Macrophotography

Macrophotography presents its own set of challenges quite distinct from your usual photography.First of all, you have to spring for the lens, and that's nothing to sneeze at.Then, you have to get dirty --- I mean, you have to kneel, sit, even lie on the ground to take the shots you want.You have to assume awkward, sinew stretching positions so you can take a picture of that itsy bitsy ladybug underneath that teeny weeny leaf.Plus you have to suffer ants feasting on your feet and endure static... continue reading

Insects a Challenging but Rewarding Subject

Insects are an especially challenging subject to photograph for several reasons.They're small and flighty, which poses a need for balance between depth of field and fast shutter speed while trying to get close enough for a full-frame shot without startling the subject out of its momentary repose.For the butterfly pictured, a Zephyr Anglewing (Polygonia gracilis zephyrus) subspecies of the Hoary Comma (Polygonia gracilis), I found such a balance by taking advantage of the bright midday sunlight.... continue reading

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