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Five suggestions for getting awesome underwater photos

1. Some things are so much more important than getting the shot. Underwater photography carries an elevated, but manageable, risk of death or serious injury and following safe diving practises must be the priority, no matter how exciting or unique the potential image may be. Competency with general diving skills, especially buoyancy control, is not only essential for your safety but without them your images will be underwhelming, at best.2. Respect the underwater environment. Following on from point... continue reading

Deep Sea Creatures Oceanography

   I have a passion for the world under water. I primarily like freshwater marine life, how ever since I am living in Florida I see much of the Ocean. So in this blog post I will share my best and latest Ocean Photography.These images are one of a kind, and taken by me only of course. They have been very lightly edited to make the lines a little more clean. Also I made the colors pop a little more then in the original images.This images are great for Website Design and Marketing.... continue reading

My First Acceptances!

I'm super excited to be part of the Dreamstime contributor team :) My first submission was accepted - 100% so far! (It was only 15 photos though.) I'm focusing mainly on my underwater and marine life photography at the moment. Here's one of my favorites from the group-- a grouper posing for the camera!   continue reading

So how was your July?

Month after month there is a message on DT Message Board starting toward the end of the month asking How was your ... whatever month is coming to an end. Now it is July's turn. So how was my July?Thanks for asking. I did not sell very much but I had a very good vacation in Mexico.San Jose del Cabo is on the inner side of Baja peninsula, very close to the southern tip. The warm waters of Sea of Cortez meet here the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. Cousteau called this place the aquarium... continue reading

Nudibranchs - Jewels of the sea

I am shooting these days underwater pictures.In this blog I will present some of the topics that I am covereing.Today : NudibranchsNudibranch are mollusks, close cousins of shellfish and land snails.They have incredible colors and present a variety of shapes.They are especially colorful in tropical waters but temperate water nudibranch are also very pretty.Tropical nudibranchsTemperate nudibranchsMore coming... continue reading

Jellyfish Collection

I'm creating a new collection specifically for jellyfish.View Collection continue reading

Have you ever seen a starfish?

I think everyone knows what is starfish, but not everyone has seen and observed a live one closely.Since i was young i had been curious of this 'star' in the sea, i know how it looks like, i can draw it, i can identify it but i don't know is it a hard or soft creature, is it able to move, is it easy to find in sea?when i was traveling around Philippines, a country with 7107 islands, starfish are a common sight in shallow water and shore. I took a closer observation when i found this... continue reading

China koi

They are believed to have originated from Eastern China. Earliest records of Koi have been found in China and have been widely spread in Korea and Japan. The ornamental cultivation of carp flourished under the Chinese Qing Dynasty, Korean Silla Dynasty, and Japanese Edo Period. They are very closely related to goldfish and, in fact, theof breeding and ornamentation has become very similar, probably through the efforts of Japanese breeders to emulate goldfish.The word "koi" comes from the Japanese,... continue reading

In seabed

In seabed, we can find the feral shark, the gentler dolphin, the acaleph with various pose. Actually we can find many other strange halobios ... But the most important is that we can take many nice photos in there.The colorful underwater world:The rhythm of the acaleph: continue reading

Marine Life Photography

My wife and I just returned from Puerto Vallarta Mexico.During our stay we went snorkeling at Los Arcos south of Puerto Vallarta.Our guide took us on a short 1 hour trip.We arrived at Los Arcos and the guide began feeding tropical fish with breadcrumbs.A huge school of angel fish appeared and I jumped in the water with an underwater Sealife 35MM camera.It was really weird being in the middle of this huge school of fish, I couldtouch some of them and felt them swimming by.At any rate... continue reading

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