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Stock market

Have you ever entered the stock market?It was a full of risks and exciting place ...I never dare to trade stocks,even if is a very good period in the quotations, I have not entered the stock market either. continue reading

Ups and Downs

Images that reflect the current turmoil in world financial markets and it's impact on key industries will be in the news and show up in print and online for months (years?) to come whetherthe economy plunges further or rebounds quickly. What goes up, must come down but will the opposite occur?What images can you createfor users on both sides of the recession/recovery coin?Retirees fear losses in their investments at the same time that the family home that they planned on cashing in... continue reading

Things that make you go hmm

I guess so many of us are looking and wondering and waiting to see what all this scandal in Wall Street means for us. Can we, the ordinary folk even contemplate the measures by which these people must analyse the risk involved in essentially betting in billions of dollars, and all the while using someone else's cash.Few of us will escape.For those with superannuation, it is a sure bet our provider has "invested" on one of the losers. Even if they didn't, the fallout is sure to affect the companies.... continue reading

Three Years Microstocking

Hello :-)This short blog will cover some thoughts about microstock market. It is also my first (test) post. By the way I'm writing this 2nd time from scratch, I just lost all the content previously written here, as I did not enter any tags. So learn from it, and make a copy-paste of your content before you click any button. (It's 3rd actually - do not forget to add the images).I've been here at DT for more than three years now (almost three and a half) and I've recently reached one... continue reading

50% of the Lacrosse photo's....

I have made it, and still have a few more images under review and several more to submit.Do a search for lacrosse and 50.8% of the actual lacrosse shots are mine.Ok, here's the current breakdown...Lacrosse search results85- Nothing to dow with lacrosse or sports10- Shots of Bleachers and seats6- Shots of soccer nets8(lacrosse netting has smaller spaces)Leaving... continue reading

Shooting food at the farmer's market

The farmers market is a rich source of images.There are usually lots of interesting food, and if you are lucky you can find a nice editorial shot of people buying healthy food.Bring a fill flash, or a shade to block harsh sun.Also, bring some money and buy some tasty food to eat that evening. continue reading

Money from Junk

Hey guys I am back!! I am feeling really good while writing a blog again. Last few days have been sad as well as tiring for me. My uncle who was fighting cancer since last 3 years expired on 22nd April. It was a huge fight for us and a great loss for me. Since I was a child, I have grown up with my uncle more than my parents. I was quite devasted for the last month in hospitals and after his demise as well. I was planning to write a blog when I completed 2000 ‘approved uploads’ in here, but never... continue reading

The way to stock art and all about it...

Stock art is todays promissing way of living and working for many individuals as well as companies... Many people and companies also buy images, vector artwork or footage which fit their needs.It becomes a very competitive industry and has approximately 20 milion potential buyers market which is growing.I did my contribution and will continue to contribute because I think it will be one common way for many more people or companies in the future to sell or buy images, artwork or footage.... continue reading

Stocking or not stocking

For a newby, an amateur, a raw meat like me to suddenly read that some think we should not be selling our photos comes accross like... surprising. But they do, there are lots of very good artists saying I shouldn't be one because I don't sell my pictures 500 apiece. And at that moment I get off my verbal sword.I don't know if this is a subject in USA, but it is certainly a controversy here in Spain. A controversy which end result is already decided.This is like the tomatoes problem. Now tomatoes... continue reading

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