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Blogging may be a necessary marketing strategy

Today I have posted in my blog about the necessity to write a blog as a marketing strategy. In fact, is something that more and more microstock photographers start to consider and many already do.The problem is that most of times is hard to find good subjects for your blog and keep it up on a regular basis. I have started mine in June and seen that I have no problem to write something on a regular schedule, I'm planning on expand my goals (that will be the argument of a... continue reading

How to Use Dreamstime Image Collections to Market Your Stock Images

If you sell your stock images on Dreamstime as I do, you can take advantage of a great marketing tool: Image Collections. This is a technique of grouping together images with a specific theme or criteria, which are then accessible on the Dreamstime site. It's the perfect resource for reaching new clients and sharing your work with current buyers. You can search for collections on Dreamstime by typing in key words on the Collection section page. (At this time, there are over 5,700 collections indexed.... continue reading

Twittering Around!

I'm in love with Twitter! It's a fantastic marketing tool for microstock photographers that appears deceptively simple - but has many nuances to discover. What a great way to connect with web designers, publishers, and just about anyone else who might buy your photography.Here are a few books about Twitter and business that I've downloaded to my Kindle (you can also get them the good old-fashion way as the printed page!) :Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a TimeTwitter:... continue reading

My microstock blog

Today I want to make the official announce of the start of my own blog at:I will try to make of it not only a brand marketing tool (that's the primary goal, I confess!), but also something useful about the microstock photography, with tips, tricks, advices,interviews, how to, advices and so on. It will not happen in a short time, but in one year from today I will check here to see if my goals were reached and eventually what has not.I welcome readers from Dreamstime (that by the way... continue reading

Need tips on picking subjects

Well this time I had a illustration refused because the subject was too specific. It was an illustration of three cranes on a white background. I thought the subject would be snapped up because there is not that many in the database. But that theory was just shot down...Can anyone give me hints about how they developed subjects that are approved and later downloaded?Any one have a tip on how to predict what is chosen for its marketability?Any tips and clues would be helpful...Thanks.... continue reading

Real Stock photography?

I am newbie on stock photography (just since October 2008) and I am a little bit lost on what people actually search on it.Nowadays I have only (not bad, but…) 75 images on line and some of them have been taken before I was a “stocker” (I don’t know if this word exists). But the result that I see is that are more popular the “normal” images as the “shoot for stock” images.For instance, here are some Glaciers images are very popularand some images done thinking... continue reading

Stock market

Have you ever entered the stock market?It was a full of risks and exciting place ...I never dare to trade stocks,even if is a very good period in the quotations, I have not entered the stock market either. continue reading

Developing a Style

I admire the submitters at Dreamstime who have committed to developing their art and skill. I often look at other people's work and try to learn from it. Unfortunately, this cuts into my productivity but fortunately, when I do learn a new technique I can hardly wait to try it out. Ultimately, this ends up diversifying my portfolio to the point where I'm not sure if I have much of a distinctive personal brand. I still feel like I'm constructing the right combination of photography and illustration... continue reading

Things that make you go hmm

I guess so many of us are looking and wondering and waiting to see what all this scandal in Wall Street means for us. Can we, the ordinary folk even contemplate the measures by which these people must analyse the risk involved in essentially betting in billions of dollars, and all the while using someone else's cash.Few of us will escape.For those with superannuation, it is a sure bet our provider has "invested" on one of the losers. Even if they didn't, the fallout is sure to affect the companies.... continue reading

Three Years Microstocking

Hello :-)This short blog will cover some thoughts about microstock market. It is also my first (test) post. By the way I'm writing this 2nd time from scratch, I just lost all the content previously written here, as I did not enter any tags. So learn from it, and make a copy-paste of your content before you click any button. (It's 3rd actually - do not forget to add the images).I've been here at DT for more than three years now (almost three and a half) and I've recently reached one... continue reading

Stock photography that blogs

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