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Interesting Facts About Moon Photography

Interesting article by Randy Miller from the Old Farmer's Almanac:One-hundred-fifty years ago, on the night of September 1, 1849, the nearly full Moon appeared over the town of Canandaigua, New York. At 10:30 P.M., Samuel D. Humphrey slid a highly polished, silver-plated copper sheet measuring 2–3/4x1–3/4 inches into his camera, which was pointed at the Moon.Humphrey then exposed the light-sensitive plate to the shining Moon nine times, varying the length of exposure from 0.5 seconds... continue reading

How to get rid of lens fringing and chromatic aberrations with PS

Hi would like to share my little knowledge about eliminating those awful and refusal-reason lens fringing on some photos (usually red and green colors by the edges of tour objects). I have made with my snow photos.I took a lot of snow photos by the 8th march big snow that took place in Barcelona, and had a lot of refusals because the damn lens fringing, so what I did:Requires a lot of patience:)1) Open the picture in Photoshop and zoom 200% or 300%. You can see the more visible chromatic... continue reading

Bingo! 2010, a historic moment!

Right now, my total sales number is matching with this year 2010.This is the historic moment..It will not happen again!!Soon, it will be 2011,2012,...Unless my sales stop.Impossible right?So, invite you to witness this historic moment.. :)Here is the 2010th sale: continue reading

Learning Curve

I'm learning so much from reading other contributors' blogs.I almost feel like I should be paying for this.One contributor summed it up nicely by saying it's quality that will get you noticed and as someone else said: everyone can improve.I think that will be my mantra from now on: everyone can improve.(and keep learning) which is what I plan to do. continue reading

My Photo Illustrates Climate Change Article

Dear Dreamstime Friends - I wanted to share a website find.This is the first of my photos I've found in the wild.Energy - EnviroFinland Article continue reading

Message in picture 1

Hi,this blog is for those who want to say something with their pictures. Of course and for everyone else:) I was thinking first what to shoot, what picture can say more then just "look at me" and then,forget me. I wanted picture with message, symbolic picture, and I got it. My idea was to show you in one picture man or woman in here world fighting from stress, pollution and other bad things. So I tried. At beginning it was hard I didn't know how, but then I realized, I can put those things together... continue reading

How to picture glass

Picturing glass was one of my first works in studio, actually it's not so hard if you have glass only on tabletop but if you have something from steel or some other material it can be difficult. There are two types of picturing glass. One is as I call it "through the glass" and the other is on the glass. What that means? First "through the glass" means that you will light your object through it, for example put your glass at the glass surface. Than put white paper as a background but spread it also... continue reading

Each sale gives me hope

I am a very amateur photographer and got into micro stock to try and improve my skills.Much to my surprise some of my pictures have been accepted by DT and some have even sold.With each acceptance and rejection I learn a little more and hopeful improve my skills.Recently I went through a bit of a dry spell on sales and saw my desire to take pictures waning.With only 36 images in my portfolio I do not expect much but the other day I got my first level 2 image and July has turned out to be... continue reading

matryoshka doll

matryoshka doll is an traditional russian art. and has over a hunderd years history.I bought this set of matryoshka doll in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, the nearest province to Russia in China. This set of matryoshka doll is made by wood and layout is a beautiful Russian lady. continue reading


Hi everyone!DT provides the possibility to buy TIF-images instead of JPGs.That said, I would like to ask all of you about your experience with this opportunity. Does it often happen, that a customer buys (and pays the extra price) this format?In my case until now just one TIF-download happened. continue reading

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