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17 ways to enjoy tea around the world

I am a tea drinker, anyone here at the office will confirm that for you. I have this huge mug that is always filled with brewed teas from all over the world.If you think tea is a beverage you obtain from dunking a tea bag in hot water than you must read on, and if you know your tea than you definitely must read on. We'll start our journey in Japan maybe the most famous tea drinking country out there. Their tea ceremony has books dedicated to it, it features in movies and is a conversation... continue reading

contagion is; well, contagious i guess!

Continuing the current theme of images being found in use.One of mine titled 'contagion' has been used to create the cover picture of a book - Introduction to Epidemiology,By Ray M. MerrillIt's both pleasing and interesting that my original title seems to have met the search criteria perfectly for this particular cover designer.At least I got something right there!And for those who like black humour;When I die, I hope it is peacefully, in my sleep, just like my Grandad.... continue reading

Bingo! 2010, a historic moment!

Right now, my total sales number is matching with this year 2010.This is the historic moment..It will not happen again!!Soon, it will be 2011,2012,...Unless my sales stop.Impossible right?So, invite you to witness this historic moment.. :)Here is the 2010th sale: continue reading

Human Organs & Food!

I have received an e-mail talking about what food benefits human organs & the similarity of the look...I thought of sharing this with you using DT photos...------------------------------------------------------------------Starting with the more important organ... The Heart...A study prooved that Tomatoes benefit much the heart and both have 4 divisions and red!Also grapes do much for the health of the heart and it's cells!... continue reading

EURO 2008 New editorial collection

Hello to all,just today i tried to create a collection of editorial images of EURO2008.Need support of photographer who visited EURO last year.Hope this will be very interesting collection with your adds.Thanks continue reading

2009 Davis cup - Russia - Israel

Hi all,last Saturday I went to the 2009 Davis cup Israel - Russia tennis match.It was the 3rd game from a best of 5 tournament when in the first two Israel had won.This was the couples match between:Jonathan ERLICH / Andy RAM from IsraelVs.Igor KUNITSYN / Marat SAFIN from Russia.As you tennis lovers may know, Safin was once the 1st ranked player in the world.A win and Israel is qualifying to the next round, lose and 2 more games will seal this tournament.the game length... continue reading

Searching my memories database

My memories as a human being start with me with blue socks and a very big and creamy stuff over my knees. I could'n find here a photo with a blonde, blue eyes girl with a birthday cake on her knees and since I'm not allowed to scan mine, I've used one with a 2 years birthday candle and another one with the precious baby that I was.Than, as I grew older I started fighting with my cousin over every little thing posible:No, we are not black either, but I couldn't find one with... continue reading

Abstract photo

Is it possible to do abstract photo when we know that we are photographing some subject with some form?Those establishments are not matching the meaning of abstract art, but when artist take some shot and he do not explain to customer what was it, he could create some kind of abstract from other recognizable form that could be an abstract for customer.Macros are nice examples of those photos. First photo is with Description from artist Staged photo to abstract theme it does not say anything about... continue reading

My first upload

I've managed to upload my first photo to Dreamstime that have been accepted. The photo in question is the photo of my fingers holding two matches, both on fire. This is the only photo that was accepted of a series of four.To take this picture, I held two matches in my left hand first and only one was lit. I held them vertically first so that the other match wouldn't light up. I then put them in front of my camera and held them horizontally. The unlit match would then be lit and I'm taking pictures... continue reading

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