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Old monastery makes new medicine

It is fascinating to enjoy the history of plants.There is an original London Plane tree in the Botanic Garden of Oxford that gave rise to the common tree species that line many of London's roads today.By shedding it's bark continually this species is not affected by the pollution of the road traffic.Other plants that linger in the gardens of old churches are often the remains of the monasteries that once stood on the site.Henry VIII famously dissolved many of the monasteries.The ones that... continue reading

Working on concepts...

The start of 2012 has proved a difficult year for inspiration for me and have not really been sure what to photograph so my monthly growth has slipped from 30 or 40 imges a month down to just 4 or 5 at the moment...Not exactly a stellar start to the year, I am determined this year to concentrate on images that have a strong conceptual use and try a few different things, rather than simply taking photographs that meet the technical requirements of DT.These are amongst my first 2 attempts at a strong... continue reading

Medicine pills

i drawing a illustration of Medicine pills. continue reading

chinese traditional medicine

I'm a chinese girl.I'm living in chongqing which is a very hot city in southwest of china and there are over 30,000,000 people in my city.I just get into my dreamstime career last week.The picture is about several kinds of chinese traditional medicine which are what I'm have taking this week.There arecicadas、scorpions and even a centipede,etc.The medicine looks frightfully and tastes very bitter but they are good for our health.They canrelieve internal heat or fever. continue reading

Fun pills

If you get sick, no reason to be sad. It's still possible have fun shooting pills :) They are wondeful models! continue reading

Just What the Doctor Ordered...

We (the general public) have the perception that these are troubled times in the world of medicine.The world always faces some dire conditions, and yet there always seems to be a new log for the fire.The added threat of H1N1 pandemic seems to be what keeps medicine an open topic at present, but let's face it... the struggle of health and wellness goes on with or without primetime coverage.I commend healthcare professionals everywhere for their fine work. continue reading

traditional Chinese medicinal herbs

Herbal medicine has been a part of the written history of traditional Chinese medicine for over 4000 years.Herbal therapy has three main functions as below:1TREAT THE IMMMEDIATEproblem2strengthen the body and help it to recover.3Maintain the body's health continue reading

Modern Medicine

Biotech companies generate ever-promising new drugs and treatments while politicians in the US argue over the cost of health care. What to shoot to get your images used in the enormous world of health care education, promotion and advertising?Why should you care? Each year the health care industry spends billions of dollars on adverts for over the counter and direct to consumer ads for services and drugs. Related businesses such as health insurance companies, physical therapists, large health care... continue reading

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