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BIG in microSTOCK tips and tutorials

Hello AllI'm very proud to announce the launch of my brand new website. It is still in development but already contains quite some interesting articles. Topics go from basic over advanced microstock to photography and a whole lot more. Learn how to sell successfully images online. Check it out : Tips on selling images at BIG in microSTOCKHave fun,Dirk continue reading

SpiderPic - Another case for being exclusive

I recently sold this crazy photo of myself (I was dressed up for a charity event with a disco theme) and I was really curious to see where it might show up.A Google images search took me to this site called and there it was - with a watermark -among hundreds of other images stripped from stock agency websites.This was not the purchased image, but I'm like, what the #$%## is this SpiderPic?Looking around the site I found that "SpiderPic is a price-comparison search engine... continue reading

How mature is this mature market?

They say the micro stock world is a maturing market.But how mature can a market be when new players seem to jump in everyday?It is a mature market in many ways but in a lot of ways the players still act very immature.I think the most recent debate about rate changes illustrates this.And I mean this in a economic, business, 30,000 ft view point and not as a disparagement of any individual, although some players do tend to shoot their mouths of before thinking from time to time (I include... continue reading

Portfolio Milestone - 1,000 Images

I just reached 1,000 images in my portfolio after ten months after discovering and deciding I should try this micro-stock thing.I must admit two things.1. I didn't think I'd reach this point this soon.Who could imagine there were 1.000 things to photograph? 2. I thought I'd be selling a lot more at this point. Too much belief in the hype from the golden days of micro-stock when the competition was smaller. Here is a little time line of my though process as I built up to this goal.July... continue reading

AF Micro Adjustments- Handy Tool

This simple tool will help to assist in the procedure of micro adjustments, and you can download it here here. It should be displayed on an LCD screen a 100% zoom setting, so at native size.It works by exploiting the interference patterns, or moiré, between the R/G/B LCD elements and the camera's LCD elements when directly viewed with Live View. With good optics and perfect focus, the moiré is maximized. Depending on shooting distance, choose the Live View zoom setting (full, 5x 10x) that shows... continue reading

Microstock = Microloans

I have great news to share! Today I made my 35th microloan at from the proceeds of my microstock portfolio! My goal is to reach 50 microloans by the end of this year. Thank you to everyone who has purchased from my Dreamstime portfolio. You have helped me fund 35 women entrepreneurs located throughout the world, women who want to dig out of poverty and create a better life for their families.Learn more about Kiva.orgRead more at - LaRoach: Microstock Photo Blog continue reading

Instead of Uploading the Obvious, You Should Upload the OBVIOUS

We all know the story; you have a camera, take lots of pictures, and then you discover the world of Microstock. "You mean I can make MONEY doing this?" you say to yourself. "Sign me up!"And thus your career began. You searched the database, looked at other portfolios, and realized that yes, you can do this too! You start to upload fancy buildings from downtown, flowers in your garden, and the salad you had for lunch. You diligently upload, become all giddy after your first sale, and you are on... continue reading

Lens for Micro 4/3 Cameras

Micro four thirds is a camera standard or design created via a partnership between Olympus and Panasonic.The design does away with the mirror and prism system found on traditional DSLRs so the result are very compact cameras.Camera mounts can be used to marry traditional or legacy lens to M4/3 cameras or of course the growing line of lens created for the M4/3 design are available from Olympus, Panasonic (with lens designed by Leica).One of the big advantages of the M4/3 camera is the compactness... continue reading

$104 in 16 days! :)

February is going to be a great month!!! Already $94 for February and its just half way down this month! I collected my 5th payment yesterday in 7.5 months of uploading images. Last payment was on January 29 so it took me 16 days to get to $100. I only have 250 images online so I am really pleased with the results! :) I really love Dreamstime!!! This motivates me so much more to get more images online!It is defiantly still possible to get into stock! I have read articles that said if you want... continue reading

New application for android phones to check earnings

There is a new application for android phones, devices and tablets to check your earnings in Dreamstime and 28 more agencies in your devices.... thats amazing.You can check in mobile:​microstock_report.htmlJust go and search Microstock Report in the search and youll see this application. Its very amazing for us that are photographers. We can see all of our new earnings live on our mobile. continue reading

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