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World Cup, the 9th miracle

Rooney left too soon. Casillas has been defeated. Suárez humiliated England. On this year’s World Cup, we’re almost having a heart attack.Every four years one of the most important sports events takes place. This year, World Cup is all about colors as it’s happening in beautiful Brazil. We might as well say we have colors and many unpredictable and spectacular moments arising emotions that range from agony to ecstasy.It doesn’t matter whether you’re watching the game on TV, or... continue reading

Nudibranches - underwater miracle

Most I like to take underwater photos. Best are sharks for me, but also the small creatures are wonderful. For example nudibranches. There are so many kinds of nudibranches that I´m afraid I´ll never take photo of all of them :). continue reading

Walking on water

Sunny day, 450 mm, waiting, waiting, waiting... and the miracle happen: young seagulls walking on water! continue reading

Incredible but true

Funny thing happened to me yesterday. I visited an exhibition on telecommunications in Moscow (it was needed for my regular job). It was a large exhibition which occupied 3 enormous halls. I spent almost the whole day there. At the end of my visit I found some company with name "ANCOM". Their products were of interest for me and I start to read their info. Suddenly I noticed a picture that seemed to be familiar. Look, it is marked by red on the photo: continue reading

The miracle of maternity

I have always loved captured maternity and pregnancy photos i find something amazingly satisfying because of the intimacy and beauty inherent to this kind of photography.In this kind of photos , there is aninherent joy, beauty, emotion,happiness and expressions of expecting mothers and fathers.There truly is a certain glow that only pregnant women possess almost like an aura of wisdom and serenity.Pregnancy is such an intimate and powerful miracle.For me,... continue reading

A rant about direct and reversed miracles.

What is the relationship between selling bread, selling stock photo and how Jesus Christ is related to all this?Both bread and stock photos are produced, then sold and consumed by society. But there is a very important difference between these two products. When bread is consumed it is gone, it is no more, if hungry the next day, one needs to buy new bread. This new bread will require new flour, new ingredients, and new fuel for the oven.Stock photography on the other hand is not like bread.... continue reading

Against all odds - the miracle shots

I loved the blog from Angelaostafichuk about the shots that slipped away. Well here is quite the opposite, the miracle shots that made it against all odds.I took that bird at a bird show aimed at school children. We had gatecrashed their private show with their blessing (we being me and my 3 little monsters aged 5, 3 and 4 months). Baby started to cry so I had to feed her - didn't want her to disturb the show and you're not allowed to walk around during a bird of prey show, so I could not have... continue reading

Believe in Miracles!

When I first decided to try my hand at photography and illustration, I never thought that it would be so much fun and also bring in some money.Many years ago, my brother got me started with Photoshop. He showed me how to put someone's face on another's body. I thought that was the funniest thing in the world. Since then I have been trying to learn all I can and now it seems to be paying off. So, I do believe in Miracles. Even small ones, like being lucky enough to be doing something I enjoy... continue reading

Using friend's imagination

Many people in the world have imagination so bright that it's a pity they're not artists. Pictures born in their mind sure could have been amazing when drawn. So, sometimes, when Muse of yours has a long vacation, why not using their ideas?"I want a picture of Mystirius" - "Who's that?" - "He's a mage. I see him like that: a man sits in a ruined tavern, his elbow on the table, face and hands are not seen, he has a hood. And - the staff - this is important that he has an outstanding mage staff"... continue reading

What is New Year holiday to you?

The story of this picture is long but ill try to be brief :)December 31 is New Year holiday, and January 1 is my Birthday. Not a long time ago I disliked them both. They were saddest days in all year to me. I don't like parties, so I used to spend these holidays sleeping or reading books about something fantastic and wonderful not to see how boring my life is.But when the year 2008 came, everything changed. One young man (he's my beloved husband now) made both New Year and my Birthday special.... continue reading

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