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Micro Stock Earnings Monitor

Hi,I've created very useful widget for OS X that shows your current earning balance on your dashboard.Get it here continue reading

how to adjust the color of computer monitor ?

I found the color of the same picon my laptop and 2 desktop computers are all different and I had try to use Adobe gamma to adjust the monitors,But the software is not easy tobe accuracy,Do you have other way to adjust monitor Thanks. continue reading

An LCD monitor for photo processing

An LCD monitor for photo processingI have always been a die hard fan of CRT monitors from the very beginning when it comes to Graphic Designing, Video Editing and Photo post processing. In last 7-8 years I compared and tested color accuracy of CRTs and LCDs and every time CRT wins. But lately I realized that CRT monitors consumes double energy and extra space on our desks. So I decided to migrate towards LCD monitor, and my research started. In the course of my hunt for perfect LCD monitor I... continue reading

Has DT Ever Given You a EUI

We are all guilty, kicking back with a few beers, wine, or whiskey, and some of us have been fortunate and slid by. However, for those who weren't so lucky have seen the flashing green swirls on their monitor, stopping the editing process, and asking them to step away from the computer, and to take a photoshop field test.More and more photographers are suffering from this fate which leads to rejected images and lower AR's. Please! Don't Edit Under the Influence. Let's make the internet... continue reading


I regret to inform you...that my old CRT monitor is dying. Pain in my ***... :) The question is - what kind of TFT should I choose? I'm not a millionaire, so I can't afford an EIZO or a highly qualified Samsung...maybe a second-hand ViewSonic or something...but what?What do YOU use for stock photos' preparation? Please advise, if you can, it's important and urgent, I can't work... :) continue reading

gotta love new toys

Free manual monitor calibration siteAfter getting a new laptop I realized that the Factory HP settings were totally off and I didnt feel like buying a calibration unit so a friend gave me this link.its free but takes a long time. But if you dont want to or have the money to get your monitor professionally calibrated check it out.Before calibration the blacks were dull and everything was to bright. continue reading

Do you calibrate your monitor?

I think nobody will argue that we should have our monitor calibrated to providing accurate, reliable and consistent color since the display is the heart of our contributor in DT of our daily digital workflow.I have bought a display calibration device called “Spyder 3 pro” for my monitors calibration, it works but not pretty well on all monitors I have, especially for the laptop (IBM T42), looks really awful after calibration,the whole screen turned to very “Green” that made me unhappy,... continue reading

Another use for a Portable DVD player...

A couple guys that I work with started sending this link around.They're helpful like that, as I don't seem to have as much time to surf as they do.I did get some useful information, and have confiscated my old portable DVD player from my daughter.(She didn't use it any more anyways, so I'm not that mean)I hope this is usefull for others as well... continue reading

How important it is to calibrate your monitor

Hello there,After seeing 31 of my files under the Rejected Files list, I've learned something really important.These are the common reasons for my pictures being rejected:Poor color: this image has a low color profile and needs improvement in order to increase its sales potential. You can process your image with color enhancement software, such as Photoshop, giving it the appeal it needs.Poor lighting setup, poor contrast or incorrect exposureFirst of all, I was using Picasa to quickly... continue reading

When getting a new computer....

... check your monitor settings.In a carry-over from yesterday's events (Stock Image -vs- Snapshot), I learned another valuable lesson as well.I am used to working on my desktop computer, where I have already spent painstaking time matching my monitor settings to my camera display. The brightness, contrast, and color settings are very accurate to what the image will look like printed out, so I do not have to lean on the histograms too much.However, I failed to calibrate my new laptop monitor... continue reading

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