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The New Month

It's a little after 8:00 AM at my house, the 1st of December, it's snowing, my acceptance rate today is 100%, I got 100 on-line last month and a little over 1000 total.Now, I would like to finish the year at 100% and get another 100 for the month but with the crazy holiday activity coming up I doubt I can get the 100 done and since I can't judge my photos well, I doubt the 100% will last into tomorrow.......however, these numbers sound good for now, so I will take them! continue reading

1400 photos!!!

Today i successful got 1400 photos online in DT.I joint DT 14 months already, average one month upload 100 photos.Hope next month can got 1500 photos online.OCWO Creation continue reading

my first month works are over

it was my first monthand i got 97 files onlne and got 11 salessee my some illustrations and send me comments pleasethanks DThi friends continue reading

The download for the first time

By adding a month later, finally made the download for the first time. continue reading

My first 6 months in Dreamstime

It’s been 6 months since I’m here in DreamsTime and 8 months since I started stock photography. I’m happy that I’ve reached number 100 sale before my sixth month here! I’m accountant but I love photography. It makes me relax after busy days I have. I have to say I started from zero, I didn’t know anything about stock photography but I decided to through myself in deep water and just tried to shoot, upload and learn as much as I can. My portfolio grew up and I’m glad for each single sale.... continue reading

Nine Months Later.....

Hi, this past week marked 9 months for me on dreamstime. I am so happy that I applied and even happier that my images were accepted. I now have 970 images on line and have already passed the 1500 mark in downloads. Thank you DT and a great BIG thank you to all the buyers.This is the first image accepted:This is the most recent:This is the one with the most downloads:And this is my first Extended license:Thanks again everyone! continue reading

How is September?

In September, my sale is the best month in this year, I had a U-EL sales.In October, I will continue to enrich my investment profolio. continue reading

My Second $100.00

Two months ago, I achieved my first $100.00. It took me almost 10 months. But the next $100.00 has come only after two months. I'm very glad that my hard work is not in vain. And I know that if I want more I should work harder. Just do it.:-) continue reading

100 In One Month

It just happened--I was trying to get to 100 uploads this month and I made it!I have been going crazy with the summer pictures and I had a chance at 100 so I went for it.It feels good to do something like that and know that I'm progressing.I have invested in a new lens, card and upgraded my Photoshop along the way.Now, when I have a quiet month I can just review some older shots and work on them.#100I'm thinking that I'm due for a quiet month! continue reading

Final Countdown

We're headed into the final countdown for this month.The buyers have been out there and hopefully they don't take too many vacations this summer (or winter, depending on where you live).The competition is getting stiffer with more people downloading and using better gear.The "Lens Collection Club" is making me want to be a member and I also need to join the "Lighting Club".I hope I can afford the dues.I plan on doing all I can this summer to take advantage of the outdoors with family and... continue reading

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