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MR each time while shooting..?

As I noticed, there is only 1 MR needed here (for 1 model). When you shoot more times (different days) with the same model, do you sign every time MR? Or may I use same form for the whole year (specific) year..? (only once signed at the beginning)Thanks.Vašek continue reading

Mr Adams and me

Robert Adams gained prominence with his pictures that depicted how natural landscapes are transformed as civilization encroaches upon them.As a lover of the inherent beauty of the natural landscape his photographs strongly hint at the dismay he must have felt as he saw it being defaced by ever advancing human activity.It is not only his pictures that captured my attention; his musings also make for some thought-provoking study.He was at some point a teacher of English, and I think this as... continue reading

Mr. Henry Wessel says...

Welcome to the latest installment of my uneducated ramblings on the thoughts of accomplished and successful photographers.Maybe I should start compiling a collection of my own sayings, one never knows maybe in ten years’ time some pimply faced kid is going to be putting up a blog illustrated with MY quotes.Though, I must admit that “Crap, I forgot to change the ISO setting on my camera yet again” is not going to be the most awe-inspiring pearl of wisdom to set the photographic world on fire.... continue reading

Improve my stock portfolio - MR documents

I decided to improve my stock portfolio. So I began to ask my friends, models and relatives for sign MR document in english and started upload pictures of them in last weeks.It is little bit difficult reorganize pictures from last five years and contact some of models, but I am happy about it...and some pictures of my granny :) continue reading

MR library info - do check it !

This short reminder is directed especially to photographers shooting children (as the problem is more common there), but of course applies to all photos where people are involved.You probably know that our Dreamfinder has a nice section where you can specify a model's gender, ethnicity and age. When you submit a new MR, and you are careful enough to state that a John is a Male, you use that MR for your next submissions with the same model.Do you remember that people get older?Adults can... continue reading

My friend Mr. Monopod

If you think you are one of those people who can hold your camera still enough all the time and get good photos you need your meds changed.We all need on occasion something to help us steady up the camera to get a crystal clear shot.I never gave much thought about using a monopod and always used the trusty old tripod.But than a short time ago my wife gave me a nice monopod for a gift. It is kind of neat. It's telescopic so it can be adjusted from a couple of feet to about five and a half... continue reading

Mr. Eiffel\'s Creations

I had the pleasure of recently traveling to Paris on business. A few months ago I was able to be in NYC on business.In both cases, I was able to get some good pictures of Mr. Eiffel's creations: The Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.Thought you might enjoy: continue reading

Mr. Yommie and Merry Christmas

Merry christmas everybody! I hope you will have soe fantastic, relaxing and wonderful days!Just before closing down before christmas I wanted to present Mr. Yommie- he has just entered my portfolio, and is hoping to be spread all over the world in 2009 ;-)Wishing everybody many sales in 2009. continue reading

Did your model get paid?

>After great efforts of asking my colleague to sign the MR, I successfully uploaded my first MR image.It's quite a tough task for me to get the model release.I found there are many successful MR images in DT and wondered whether the model get paid from the images?I often feel awkward to ask friends to be my model. On the other hand, I think it a gamble if I hire the professional model, at least for me, I have no idea whether my images of portrait could earn $ or not. continue reading

What If Model Releases Are Not Possible? revisited

I have just read a blog entryfrom Bwendy3.Here's my advice. Take a look at this photo:I did two things here. First, while taking it, I waited for the man to turn around so as not to see his face.Second, in PS: the people at the left are very small, yet, their faces were visible. I applied 'motion blur' on them, they seem to be moving and are not recognizable anymore.Exactly the same operation on the people travelling down the ski slope here: continue reading

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