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Cats N Quotes for cat lovers

Here are some quotes on cats"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats."-Albert Schweitzer   "I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through."-Jules Verne   "Artists like cats; soldiers like dogs."-Desmond Morris   "No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens."-Abraham LincolnIf this blog could make you smile or if you enjoyed reading... continue reading

Colorful Huascarán during sunset

Standing on the remains of an enormous landslide (1970) near Yungay, north of Huaraz (Peru), I took this picture. I was still trying to grasp the impact of the landslide (70000 casualties) when the Huascarán, one of the highest mountains of Peru, started to glow due to the warm light of the sunset. It immediatelygot my attention. The light and the clouds were changing continuously. It was quite an experience.To learn more about Yungay, the earthquake, and the landslide, please read my blog.... continue reading

Yaşasın! The first $100!

Today is a special day! I've finally completed my first $100 milestone on DT and my best earning day in the microstock. Lovely... :)PS: "Yaşasın" (ya-sha-sin) is a Turkish exclamation which is similar to "Ole" and "Viva".. love from Istanbul! :) continue reading

N/a sales, how do they work?

Many times I have read about messages of contributors asking about n/a sales.Now I can tell you for sure how it works.As an architect I have some periods of the year in wich I have few work and periods in wich I can't stop because I have too much to do.So when I have few work I use to work for Dt, creating new images, writing blogs, answering on the forum,... In these days I have a lot of n/a sales!This means that buyers can see my latest images on line, my new posts and click on my profile,... continue reading

N/A sales & collections

Following a thread by Dan1, I had an interesting discussion with Mani33 on the correlation between N/A sales and collections.Here are some statistics that may interest you. About 33% of my sales show as N/A sales.This means that the buyer did not access my image through a specific keyword but found it through another way. This could be by browsing through a collection or directly looking at my portfolio; accessing my photo previously saved in his/her light box; seeing my photo on a promotion... continue reading

The mysterious "n/a" searches

How do you suppose that an image is found and purchased by someone who doesn't appear to have searched for any key word?How can someone find a picture of yours and purchase it if they never searched for a key word to begin with?Many, many of my pictures have been downloaded with nothing in the search column.It simply says "n/a".For example, here is a picture that was downloaded recently but had an "n/a" listed under.So, how are people finding these images?Is there a way to capitalize... continue reading

New Trend in n/a Sales

I'm noticing a new trend:1. 75% (6/8) of my last downloads are from n/a sales2. I don't have any photos in the free section3. ALL of my photos are in both private and public COLLECTIONSWhat does this mean: (My Conclusions)?1. The search engine has changed and since I have very little depth in my portfolio (high level images with lots of dls) it doesn't favor me.My images don't usually come to the first couple of pages in keyword searches....2. Regardless of the search engine... continue reading

Egyed Ufó Zoltán

Today I want to write about o friend of mine which photos I like very much. He has a well defined still of shooting and most of all he is a professional. In Romania this is a very rare thing because the jobs are a few and there are many good photographers.At the and I want to put in light one of my favorite winter photo taken last winter invillage, Rucar-Bran passage, Romania. continue reading

Picture downloaded with n/a

I got quite a lot of pictures has been downloaded with n/a. This means people just some how browse my portfolio and they like my picture, then downloaded it without searching. Am I right?I will be more interested on how people find my portfolio, here I can think about some:1.from the blogs2.message board3.picture show on the latest addition4.assignment5.referral program6.add favourite photographer( your name also appear ontheirprofile)7.people just simplify... continue reading

Targets n' Milestones

As I was never a photographer, stock was a word related to investment and my countries financial position as well. I never knew that something like ‘stock photography’ was a term even when I was a regular browser of xxxxx for my general pictorial browsing. I was always fascinated by the pictures there. Then came the word microstock, but I actually came to know this term after I registered on DT. I just registered here as a website which will help me have some additional income from my photographs.... continue reading

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