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My first blog

Hi,Just thought I'd start a blog on Dreamstime as I've been uploading images for a few years now and wondered if anyone had any advice on increasing sales. Me sales seem pretty stagnant at the moment.  continue reading

My Story, My Experiences Of One Year

Before I start my story I want to tell my fellow photographers that I am not good in English. Hope you all will forgive me for that.I joined DT on 7/12/2014. Those days I knew nothing about photography and still I am learning, and this is a never ending process. One keeps learning till the day they die.I uploaded a lot of photos after joining but most of them were rejected, yes few selected. This happened again and again. I than started concentrating on the reasons of rejection. There are reasons... continue reading

10 cool tips if you're new on Dreamstime

Hello,Since I'm new here I decided to write a little article about what to take into account when you create your account on Dreamstime. This is my first ever so I learned a lot in the process.1. After you've created an account, which is the easy part, and can start uploading photos, you still have to fill out some information about yourself in order to be ok. When you're online, you're gonna see a message written in a red colour in the top right hand corner. Click on that and you have to... continue reading

My First Sale!

A bit of a cliche making a blog about my first sale, but I don't care I've waited almost three months.I don't believe in premonitions or anything like that, but last night I had a dream that I made my first sale, then the very next day...When I first started on Dreamstime I said to my wife that I would be getting my first sale printed out and framed. Well, here it is.   continue reading

Playing with isolation

I just had my first taste of isolated photography, and I wanted to share just how easy it can be to try it out, even well before you attempt to produce any high quality shots.I used very few simple tools I literally had in my backpack.1. An old canon powershot 120, a small but capable camera.2. My notebook as a white background.3. Cell phones flash for extra light.4. Random bits and pieces, in my case a bullet, dice and poker chip.I was sitting on a tree(literally) when I wondered about... continue reading

new collection

Hello everyone,Here you can see my new collection. It's all about Nature beauty. Feel free to propose me more of it which fit. Enjoy.  Nature Beauty Collection continue reading


Hello!I am just introducing myself for i am new to this site! I love taking pictures of animals and also still photos of things such as flowers.I will always take constructive criticism and build on it so please let me know what you think! I am always looking for a good picture opportunity!  continue reading

New to stock photography? What should you do?

So you're checking out the world of stock photography, and you have no idea what to do?Here are a few good tips, from someone who is currently going through the same stage.1. Read everything! Photography is full of creative helpful people, who have covered every subject available. Start off with your chosen sites submition rules, FAQ, relevant blogs. After you have a decent idea of what's going on, you'll have a much better idea of where you stand.2. Submit! There is no better time than... continue reading

New Zealand This Winter

It's July and it's winter in Auckland. I thought that I came in the most unfavourable weather to take landscapes and cityscapes, as bad weather haunts everyday, but luckily, there some clear days, and those photos I took now are filling up on the DT.Take a look some of them, and hopefully, more to come on DT before I left this wonderful place back to Bali on August.   A few more files are still pending : The Auckland Skylines and Landscapes shoot around North Island, still many... continue reading

New world new guy

i am come from China,and i never upload images into any Non-Chinese website,the dreamstime is the first and the first to reject my photos,,,not one...this give me a shock and then i seriously read about why,,then ,i have a more clear understand with mine...may be there is a lot of inadequate,may there is more and more rejected photos,...i go.  continue reading

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