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Important Tips for Newbies to minimize Rejections!

Hi there.I had to learn the hard way with under 50% approval...So i would like to help YOU to get started BETTER!Problem: Dreamstime don't accepts single Web Graphic ButtonsSolution: Group your buttons and banners to 2 or more in one pictureProblem: Car's and Car Parts are under copyright!Solution: Don't waste your time taking photos of car parts. (The ones visible from outside.)Problem: Tight Crops!Solution: Don't crop your pictures, the more is visible the better!Problem:... continue reading

Shooting Manually - For Newbies

I remember when I shot my first time exposing the image manually and noticed the richness of the images compared to the middle grey look of the automatic setting. Previewing the image through the lens before I clicked was how I decide the setting for the shot. I could view the scene, move the F-stop or shutter setting and see the changes in the viewfinder. Shooting manually is great when it is FULL manual. Both F-stop and shutter are independent settings. You can start with the settings that... continue reading

EQUIPMENT FOR BEGINNERS in stock photography

Hello again everyone,As I promised in my first blog that I would next write something about equipment for newbies in stock photography, here I am. I have to say that I was very surprised how many people actually read my first blog and I am very happy that most of them found it interesting. This is all new to me, but very exciting.So, let's begin... For those who read my writing for the first time, I'm also newbie in stock, but I spent so many hours looking for right equipment and at the end... continue reading

(A Little) Advice For Microstock Newbies

After reading over the message boards I realized there is a lot of frustration coming from new photographers who are dipping their toes into the stock pond. Take heart and make note, we all (or most of us) havebeen there before.Here are a few tips to make life easier.1. Practice. Every. Day. Practice doesn't just makes perfect, it also make you more comfortable as a photographer.Thefirst couple I shot for engagement photos made me nervous, but the more experience I got, the easier things... continue reading

Three Months, Two hundred pictures online!

Yeah! Since I gave myself another chance to get-in into the micro-stock, there is three month ago; I can say :- Duration : 3 months- Number of pictures : 200 pictures online- Photographer : so-called photographer by DT (as exclusive contributor)- Sales : 19 sales- Revenue : a little bit more that fifty dollars- Feelings : a lot of frustrations and questions regarding the reason of the rejection, full of satisfaction for each approval- Skill : Photoshop becomes more and more friendly... continue reading

Pictures' review/inspection ...

It is really hard to have pictures approved. So far there is only four among about 20 pictures submitted. My approved pictures are the pictures that I captured during my holidays and it haven't been captured to be published anywhere.Browsing the database pictures of DT, I realized that the gap that I have to go trough is giantic ;) It is time to think about quality, no covered topic, ideas instead of instant pictures.Thanks again for your warm welcomes.Kinds regards continue reading

New member of the newbies on DT - Presentation

As the above title mentioned, I a new member of Dreamstime photos stock but my passion for the photography is not. I started since very young with an analogue camera; an Olympus M5 (as long as I remember) with my pocket, had earned moneys.I have a regular job in an international organization and as expatriate. The photography is just an hobby nothing else and not for the money purpose.I am learning everyday as my organization asks me to capture, from time to time, the official of VIP visits... continue reading

Low A.R. forgiveness...(but only once!)

Hello there, having started a short while ago uploading, I had to go through the initial common mistakes newbies make. My A.R. at the beginning was very low (17.2 %).Now, less than three months later, I got the hang of it and improved a lot to close to 70%.Why not give newbies a chance? it is hard enough to struggle with small portfolios and getting the first few sales but also to have to raise the average of the A.R. to get the images well positioned on searches. This could take several discouraging... continue reading


A year ago one of the contributors of DT, a great person and a great photographer and designer, Richard Hoffkins (Macdaddy) did a generous thing:he bought pictures from 15 newbies, and I was lucky to be one of them. He then posted a blog article (15 Lucky Newcomers To DT) presenting our pictures.The day he bought my pics was special for me, as for the first time I had more than one picture bought.I remember how inspired I was to be chosen for that blog, and now after a year I’d like to... continue reading

Keywords! 7 Easy Steps for Newbies

KEYWORDSProbably the MOST IMPORTANT section of all.When someone enters words in a search,these are the words that get sorted throughto see if your image is a match.This is the field where you get to enter all thosejuicy descriptive words that people love to see.There is quite an art to it though, so I will walk you through it slowly.Don't worry you will soon get the hang of it.Ok, Dreamstime limits you to 80 keywords.This means 80 single words, separated by a space,... continue reading

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