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The Process of Photographing Falling Rain

 Few things capture the essence of a rainy day like a photo of the falling rain. I don't mean images of water droplets or small rivulets, but rather photos that capture the lines and sparkle of a true downpour.Capturing the falling rain is a relatively simple process. If you'd like to create some beautiful photographs the next time it rains, I'll show you how!Choosing Your Gear and LocationFirst, you'll need rain gear for yourself and your camera – especially if you plan to shoot out... continue reading

Battle of the Nations: Medieval fencing tournament

Romantic age of knights is still attractive not only for kids. Many men and women are still going to battles in historical costumes and armors fighting in fictive battles with swords, battle hammers, halberds and much more kinds of arms. It´s more theatre than sport. But......there is an international group that settled up something different: more real tournament, knights´ fights called Battle of the Nations (BOTN). It´s more sport than reconstruction of history, but the men and women are... continue reading

Night market Cambodia

The First Night Market In Cambodia.Night street market at Siem Reap, Cambodia.August 30th, 2014.My family went on a year ago.Siem Reap serves as a gateway to the world famous Angkor temples and is a major tourist hub, Cambodia. Tourists can shop at the night market.       continue reading

Blue Hour Photography: Tips and Tricks

The "blue hour" of the day is a beautiful time for shooting cityscapes. The sky has a deep blue shade and the lights in the city are just coming on. It brings out an amazing contrast of colours in an image. This is an image of the Alberta Legislature building that I shot in the summer of 2014, during the evening blue hour. Here are some tips for shooting photographs at the blue hour.1. Finding the blue hour time: Technically there are two blue hours, one before sunrise and one after sunset.... continue reading

Long exposure at night

 As I realized this picture:first time I looked really good scene behind a photograph after I chose very carefully the place where I am aplasia surpirnde stage tripod-for pictures with long exposure primarily we need a tripod solid-then I set the camera to M mode, then I closed the aperture to 22, I set iSO to 100 and shutter speed to 10 secondsThis is the result !!!As a last tip I recommend you let one car, two to go and count how many seconds the road cross framed in the viewfinder... continue reading

Sunset and Night Photography in Olympic National Park, USA

I recently took some time with my daughter to make the trip to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park, Washington (state). We were taking advantage of a new moon to do some stargazing in the clear air at 5200 feet. We arrived before sunset and walked some of the area trails. The deer were very cooperative models. I took several shots of this male deer and positioned myself so I could capture the deer with the mountains in the background. He was feeding so his head was down most of the time.... continue reading

My first startrail photo

Hello, i'm very happy because i've done my first stars trail with my camera canon 550d and tamron 10-50mm.Really these photo is also my firs assignement and i hope to win with your help ;)to realize these image i have done more than 140 pics of the sky and i've used a star trailm programme. for the tower i have used a hdr tecnique.I would like to have your comments for my photothanks continue reading

The Beauty and Bustle of Taiwan Night Markets

Last year there was article on CNN Go about the best things about Taiwan. The night markets here were on top of the list.The night markets are like outdoor bazaars with cheap clothing shops as well as lots of snack food vendors selling traditional foods such as stinky tofu, scallion pancakes, and oyster omelets and special drinks like bubble milk tea.Most of my night market photos are of Raohe night market, which is one of the oldest in Taipei. It is famous for its black pepper... continue reading

Lights out or bye bye photography

We made plans to go on a trip. We decided the date for late May, early June.Then we started dreaming. I used to dream of relaxation (people see me as a lazy person, therefore i dream about free time) and she was dreaming of traveling.This image is not part of my dream or hers. I still have trouble taking a photo while sleeping.Others might get luckier. Should someone find a way to photodream or maybe dreamphoto, please send a reply!Besides being lazy, I am very anxious. It is now already... continue reading

Abstract fire

If you are out at night and have a campfire near you, put the camera on tripod set it, focus, shoot it and then spin it until the timer has stopped...and let's see what came out. continue reading

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