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My new toy

well, i just upgraded to nikon's d300. Intended to sell my d80 initially but at hindsight, i decided to keep it as a spare. Though at a cost to keep it with depreciation and dropping value, it might just come in handy.And with a new toy to go with, hopefully its time to produce better pictures even though D80 already can and have done so thus far.Full steam ahead!~ continue reading

Nikon D300

I have recently purchased the new nikon D300 and the accessories needed to use it.... I use to have a Sony DSC R1 (a very good camera for the money i paid for it) and the difference is incredible...Everything is so professional on Nikon, the ISO values is incredible (between 100-6400), the white balance is working so good even on automatic, when you hold it in your hands you really feel like a pro.I paid around 3000 dollars, on the new equipment but it does make all the money.If you are... continue reading

Lots of potential stock photo opportunities in DC

I just returned from Washington DC 2 weeks ago and it was a great trip... In DC, there is a law passed from long ago that buildings cannot be taller than a specified height.Coupled with the fact that there are no heavy industries around the area, the sky is perfect for photography - blue, vast and with the occasional cloud trails from the planes taking off from Reagan National Airport.The opportunity for shooting a good stock photo is abundant and I have submitted a few of the better ones... continue reading

My first sale at Dreamstime!

Finally sold my first stock photo here at dreamstime!! Its a picture I took of a water feature outside a farm somewhere in Singapore.Frankly, I wasn't exactly expecting this to be the first photo that I will sell as I thought some of my other photos look much better. However on a second look, this picture does exudes a certain sense of serenity and symmetry. I hope the person who downloaded it will leave me some comments...Meanwhile, I will continue shooting and hopefully post a few more... continue reading

Which Brand

Why Canon,Why Nikon Why Sony?This is not a BRAND warJust curious what made you go for that particular brand.Excerpts from an Article"As you can see in my signature below, I’m a proud D200 owner and have been for almost 9 months. It has delivered in every situation I’ve thrown at it, scoffed at the bumps it’s had, and kept going without skipping a beat.But very recently, I have been fortunate to be given an opportunity to step into professional photography full time via a studio in... continue reading

Nikon vs Canon !!!!

Hi,I am trying to buy a new camera!!! I have the money, i know what kind of lenses i want, BUT, i cant decide what camera to buy: Nikon D200 or Canon 5D?Nikon D200 on DPreviewCanon 5D on DPreviewSo i decide to ask for some help from you guys!!!PLEASE let me know your opinion, as soon as possible!!!Thank you, very much! continue reading

Standing my ground

The previous article was about my lens, now its about my body!With the entrance of canon's 1DsMKIII initially..reading it in the papers I was really stun to see tempting can it get? getting so close to a medium format at such a comparatively lower price! Of course I can't afford that camera as a student with zero income but how good can it be..i mean, its simply so irresistible.For a moment I did thought of switching sides from Nikon to Canon..but I know I can never do it. Physically... continue reading

Collecting money for Nikon D3 - 5 Simple Steps :)

For all of you photo enthusiasts who can't think of anything else sinceNikon announced it's D3 camera, here are five steps on how to collect money for Nikon D3 by November.Collecting money for Nikon D3 - 5 Simple StepsFunny and educational! continue reading

Photography:The Technology race

Canon and Nikon,two of the biggest brands of DSLRS have just released brand new cameras within days of each other.Canon announced their 40D and 1DsMkIII whereas Nikon announced their D300 and D3.Days before Canon announced their new releases,users in a popular photography forum had a poll to determine if users would jump straight in and get the new Canon release.Majority voted no.Do i really need some of the new features?Some said.Well,out comes 40D,1DsMKIII and they're all selling off their 30Ds,... continue reading

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