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A Numbers Game – What Does It Really Mean?

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I would like to share on the blog my first picture published .This photos was shoot spontaneously… by letting slip the finger on the sand in order to express a simply truth . Wonderful things that life gives us are actually the result of a synergy, where the result is greater than the sum of the individual elements. Good Luck all guys!!!! continue reading

1 sale 0 view!?

Numbers and stats obviesly fascinates and enchants many of us Dreamstimers. Many of the blogs here is all about milestones and stats. Less than a month ago i wrote about my latest milestone 1000 uploads. Two days ago I passed another magic number: 1111 uploads. The latest hundred uploads also rendered two interresting sales - one sale, one view, a topic that also have its own blog here...I bet that these images will have considerable views after this blog...Also, yesterday I passed... continue reading

Dreamstime Submission Rate

Based on numbers assigned to my Dreamstime submissions in a 10-hour period, I have calculated some interesting figures regarding average Dreamstime submission rates:26 submissions per minute1,549 submissions per hour37,174 submissions per day260,215 submissions per week1,130,697 submissions per month13,568,364 submissions per yearThat's one submission every 2.3 seconds! continue reading

Time to level 5

As time marches forward I find it interesting to see which of my images will become my top sellers.Some you kind of know right away, while others come out of nowhere...I did a little bit of number crunching to see if it is clear cut right from the start, and if they all seem to grow at the same speed.Naturally, it is not clear cut at all and hard to find trends.The only one that holds across all my best sellers is that I get the first sale in the first month of being online.Aside from... continue reading

2 Years on Dreamstime

Today is my second "birthday" on Dreamstime and obviously it's time to see what I've achieved.These are my numbers (and as numbers, always cold dates):Accepted Images on line: 305Sold Images: 237Total renvenue: almost $400Referred members: 12Published blogs: 43 (well, now 44)Managed collections: 16Level 3 images: These two:Level 2 images: 9Level 1 images: the restAfter these wonderful two years I can say that I'm still feel as a newbie because every... continue reading


Interesting thing I noticed about my portfolio. Perhaps it is true of your portfolio too.35% of my downloads come from 4% of my images (I'm excluding free images in my download count).Boy, if I could only figure out what works on those 4% of my images - and could reproduce it on 100% of my images - wouldn't that be nice.How about you?Take the top 4% of your images (the top 4% that have been downloaded the most) - what percentage of your total downloads do those top... continue reading

The Concept of Arabic Numbers - Part Z

As I mentioned in an earlier blog that the Arabic numbers has the concept of the number of the angles less than 180º...Unfortunately this theory was never prooved 100% due to the loss of the original documents when the Viking invaded Baghdad in that era...So my notes that I learned about this concept are illustrated in the purple illustration of numbers (I had to replace the photo)...And the greenish illustration is what Littledesire found online about the same subject...I care to give... continue reading

The Concept of Arabic Numbers

This time I made a special photo not only to be nice and stock seller but also because I like the concept of what it means!Yes the concept of the arabic numbers that were invented and passed to Europe and the whole world in the 10th century...Now our day by day use almost everywhere!I assume many like me didn't have a clue about this concept which is... The first Arabic numbers were shaped upon the number of the angles that are less than 180º... Yes Arabs on that time where involved in many... continue reading

An Interesting Thing

Two days ago, I uploaded 2 pictures that I “dug” from my hard drive. I was not sure they were good enough to pass editor’s view, just try. When they were in my pending files, I found one of the File ID numbers is “8888880”. As many people know, in Chinese, the "8" is a lucky number. It sounds similar to the word “fa” which means "prosper" or "wealth". In Cantonese dialects "8" and "fortune" are also similar. “8888880” is the luckiest number that I met in my life so far and I didn... continue reading

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