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Collection - Looking for Symmetry in man made objects

Here is the collection:Collection - SymmetryFrom an earlier blog - looking for man made images that are symmetrical. The object may be completely symmetrical in its form or you may have captured a smaller part(s) to create the symmetry. Similarly, you can arrange multiple objects to create a symmetrical pattern. Please see images below for examples.Please post your examples for adding to this collection. continue reading


First blog on DT.I like to photograph symmetry particularly in manmade objects whenever I can. To me this is something that is aesthetically pleasing and provides me with a challenge as a photographer. Here a couple - there are more in my portfolio (even though I admit they make up a small percentage of the total).  Does anyone else have any foibles like this?Maybe, I should set up a collection with symmetrical images. continue reading

Is steak tax deducatible? :-)

What sort of materials does everyone declare on their taxes?Ink, paper, etc are all fine, but what about the items you shoot? continue reading

Something lost...lives on in stock

Over the last 4 years of doing stock photography I have photographed many a household item.Several of those items have subsequently been lost, stolen, sold or broken.For some reason I find it satisfying every time I get a sale for one of those items ;)Here are a few:What do you have in your portfolio that you no longer own but still keeps paying the bills ? continue reading

Trying something new?

Hi allIm really into this stock thing now and dedicate ALOT of time to it lately,I am doing better at some sites than others but not making enough to buy coffee yet lol.I am going to try my hand at more still life,objects and see if that helps does anyone have any sound advise for me?im also going to try more illustrations but i dont have a great program to do them in only psphugs have a great day liza continue reading

Making of objects with vector shapes

Sometimes I like to challenge myself and try to create simple work on a hard way.But then I'm learning useful technique and create patient person from myself.What you agree is must have if you work with 2d and 3d graphics particularly.It is a challenge for meto create masterpiece with simple tools.In 3d modeling you have polygons or nurbs curves.You create shape,then give your object the materials and textures,and create your testing image renderings.For large resolution renderings from 3100x2200px... continue reading

Objects from home

Well, not too much toughts for today, sorry Frieds...there's raining all day, my mood is gray like sky outside, and I still need some downloads for first payment...please, let me introduce some of my newly accepted photos about home objects' theme.I'm not good at object photographing, but I have some simple rules for them:- main theme will sell the photo, so I choose it carefully. I don't like isolated photos (yapp, that's why I'm not a best seller there ;)), so I try to use... continue reading

Morning Coffee...

Some times we see so many objects around us in our day by day life, but not always we give attention to them, as the habit turned them usual!Almost all the companies now a days have a coffee machine where the gethering is almost a habit or even an obligation for drinks addicted!Around that machine, people continue the conversation of yesterday or where they start gossips about the boss or a colleague :)Where they discuss a plan before a meeting! The place where you might know the news about... continue reading

Thanks to your tip and tricks I've done my first isolated pictures

Hello every one,I begun publishing few images last year, but I didn' much.I wasn't sure I could get results with my compact camera.So, I did some illutrations. One of these has been downloaded very soon, but just one time. And It's my only download for the moment :(.Then I begun reading Blogs and messages on the Dt Community and this helped me a lot!I understood that many contributors are working with simply compact cameras, but with great results in terms of portfolio and of selling.... continue reading

Objects without lightbox

Finally I found a perfect monitor - calibrating is *ߢ$&#! :) - , so let's see a more useful post (I hope). What about object photographing?All successful stock-photographers have two main themes - people and/or isolated objects. In my part I don't like to sell my family or unkownn people's faces, so object theme remains. I have no lightbox or professional flash (to tell the truth, I only have built-in flash and I rarely use it), but I'd like to take some "customer-friendly" photos (not only... continue reading

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