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500pics oneline milestone

reached the 500online pics milestone last night and i'd like to remark it witht the blog article ,here is the 500th image499th501st continue reading

I have a question re images of old cars.

Could anyone tell me what the rules are when taking pictures of old cars?I see on DT everything, some with the name/kind of car and some without.What exactly should I be concerned with when submitting photos of cars, boats, etc.Thank you for your help.(this picture has nothing to do with my question) continue reading

Old is (sort of) gold... and cheap

I've been keen on photography for a while now. I started with a $2 pinhole camera, moved to a Dynax 3, crossed over to digital with the Panasonic FZ28, and finally settled for my first DSLR, straight to the Canon 60D.This was a massive jump alright. And with the cost involved, I was left to choose just one lens and I opted for the highly-rated (for all the right reasons), 50mm f1.8 II. When I shot this image of everyday vegetables, I was delighted with what the lens could do.Yet, for all the... continue reading

Old and new

Yesterday I sold for the fourth time one of my favorite images. It was the fourth image submitted on DT and it is one of my favorites because of the abstraction, the lines and the bright colors. It is this one:Another old image I just disabled because of its relevancy: a notebook with the numbers 2009 and 2010 on it. Not interesting for a buyer anymore, so goodbye with it.Some of my new images are:I am very happy with an AC this month of 93,30% while it was only 30% in june last... continue reading

Starry Nights and Old Papers Images Collections

Here are two new stock images collections created:The Starry Night Stock Images and Old Paper Stock ImagesSTARRY NIGHTSI have always loved dark starry August nights. When you rise your eyes, you can see the grandiosity of the Universe, and feel how small you are compared to that vast expanse of galaxies. And this feeling is not scary at all. I can feel my legs standing strong on the ground and I feel myself powerful. I feel we all are powerful. We have been created so small and seemingly negligible,... continue reading

4 and a half years online!

I have noticed that I joined here on septembr 8th 2006! so it's 4 and a half years online! But I didn't start to upload seriously until august 2007... (the enormous amount of rejections on my first days discouraged me)And time flies! Now I'm here with 1,491 files online and more than 2000 sales!! I'm getting a bit hard to reach 1,500 files since the big amount of rejects I'm having lately :S maybe it's time to buy a new camera and try to shoot more original pics ;)I have some files that... continue reading

My new-old model

My model in the new series. But this time the model is alive, not illustrated:-))) continue reading

Photographers' Lament (for the over 50's!)

Grow old gracefully they say,I wouldn’t have it any other way.But when I struggle from my chair,I find that grace just isn’t there.And looking in the mirror I seeMy Grandma looking back at me.And when I kneel to catch that viewOf a primrose dressed in morning dew.I have to wait for a helping handTo help me stagger and finally stand.When the kids say ‘Gran, oh do be quick!’I use my tripod as a walking stick.My camera bag weighs more each dayAnd the ground gets... continue reading

Picture of a motorbike

I need 3 steps to get an acceptance from DT to get the picture with this old Moto Guzzi online.But I think, it was the rigth way to optimice this picture for sharing..... continue reading

A happy day for an old man

In crutches, but so fast!My DT friends, please take a look at this old man looking through the window! Sad, not able to move outside, in home from months but so happy because I call him today: "You are so fast!"Why? Look at this: Approved On: 02/22/2011. Download date: 02/24/2011 (exclusive sale)"."You make me so happy!" he said. And yes, today is a happy day for an old man.I want to share this with Dreamstime community. Thank you. continue reading

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