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This Valentine’s Day – Think Outside the Box of Chocolates

Valentine's Day is almost here. Have you gotten your sweetie a card and some flowers? Better still, have you created all your Valentine’s Day themed stock photos?Stock photography revolves around universal concepts, and there is no more an universal concept than love. You just need to check the database to prove it. Search “Love” and you’ll get over 3 million hits. Try Valentine’s Day or Valentines Day for another million results. In fact, look at any combination of hearts, roses, couples,... continue reading

Goose Feet and Thinking Outside the Box

It's fine to take the Post Card photographs, those beautiful scenes no one can resist and everyone takes.But it's especially fun to think outside the box and capture unique photographs.While photographing Canadian geese, I was fascinated by their huge, black webbed feet and was thinking how great I could swim if I had feet like those. Of course it would make buying shoes a challenge!This photograph is quirky, weird and captures attention.    Big, black webbed feet of the Canadian... continue reading

Top 10 Things to Do When It's Cold Outside

It’s January.For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, that means it’s winter.And winter means the days are short and the temperatures are low.Hearing words like “polar vortex”, makes you just want to crawl into a warm bed and hibernate until spring, not grab the camera and go outside to shoot stock photography.But that doesn’t mean we can’t make these cold and snowy months productive ones.To help you do that,I’ve put together my“Top 10 Things to do when... continue reading

Heading outside... A follow up

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about the break of spring and the excitement of heading outside to take pictures and thought I would follow it up with some observations (and pictures) :)My first observation is how high the bar is set for acceptance of images of "nature in action", this is not a complaint in fact it has forced me to take better pictures and be more critical of my own work.I am sure it is primarily due to the ubiquity of subject and the nature of the slow sales but would love... continue reading

Box Breakers

People always said: "be creative, think outside the box!"Easy to say, but sometimes, very challenging, especially if you have a very orthodox way of thinking.So sometimes, some people need stimulants. So here this blog is dedicated to images that helped me to break the mental box inside my head. continue reading

Heading outside :)

I'm heading into my 4th month of taking photographs for Stock and the change in weather has seen me head outside and see what I can get from nature.I did a 365 project last year and rapidly discovereed I love taking pictures of bugs and leetle thingsIt is a bit of an adventure at the moment and my approval rating has taken a bit of a hit whilst I am trying to get an image quality acceptable here.Balancing composition, exposure, lighting and capturing leetle things is really tough... continue reading

New collection

Today I createda new collection,Historical buildings and gardens.Wrest Park, fromSilsoe, Bedfordshire UK was designed by Thomas, Earl de Grey, an enthusiast for 18th century French architecture.The 40 hectares Formal and Great Gardens are to the south of Wrest Park House.They are laid out predominantly on a north-south axis from the house, with further axial components running east-west, incorporating vistas beyond the gardens.Although the gardens appear to form a unified... continue reading

Wildlife - Outside Your Camera

How do I find wildlife? What do I bring? How should I use the lighting? ....These questions are asked over and over again, yet most articles and tutorials do not get to the other aspects of the art of photography. There is much more to know.Yes, the animals are also there for our photographic pleasure (!!!), but we should be mindful of our presence on them.We have our bag, our equipment, even an extra water bottle or two. Maybe some snacks, and a chair or tent for our comfort while we wait.... continue reading

Cuandixia (爨底下), an old Ming dynasty village outside Beijing

If you work with fantasy you can still see them: caravans, horses and carriages of merchants on the Western Road, in and out Beijing, walking and riding from village to village to sell and buy in one of the busiest regions of the Old Age. Today there's a highway, high rises and factories instead, still the power of culture and history hits you as soon as you reach Cuandixia.Cuandixia is a small village, as old as the Ming dynasty, incredibly fully preserved. A perfect destination for a day trip... continue reading

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