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third (P-EL) pictures sold

And today...I was surprised by the 3rd (P-EL) picture sold in 3 days (and I'm still really thankful to the buyer!) and suddenly few second after a similar picture was soldthis time was a simple subscription but...made me happy ! continue reading

first two (P-EL) pictures sold

monday 2 of my pics where sold for Print Usage (P-EL):many thanks to the buyer, and, if you read this blog,tell me please wich kind of object will you realize with these imagines ? continue reading

My first P-EL

This is my first P-EL! It's make me so happy that I kissed my photo and told my wife. She looks like happy too, while ask me how long we can earn more that cover our cinema's budget :) continue reading

First P-EL! Don't give up!

Well, after almost 2 months here and a meager 6 sales I was beginning to think my images were not commercial enough. But then today I wake up to my biggest sale so far, a P-EL on the highest resolution. So, my advice? Even if your sales look disappointing don't give up! continue reading

Wow...P-EL sale!! Exciting day!!

What a exciting day!!1.My first P-EL sale! (50 credits)2. My third assignment file has been approved! (Chinese Ancient Architecture) continue reading


I always knew it was a matter of time before it happened, but finally I got my first P-EL sale for the image shown below. Great start to the Month. Thanks to the buyer, really appreciated. Would love to know how it will be used :0) continue reading

Goodness Gracious, Me Oh My!

Today, I get to add an item to my DT list of firsts.I opened my profile [to compliment my friend of the harvest she shared with me which I took a picture of and was accepted].Before I was able to show her the picture, the sudden increase in my earnings caught my eyes.I excitedly clicked it.... and much to my surprise, a P-EL sale!Goodness gracious, what an exciting discovery!Reading blogs about sales like this have always inspired me that one day it’ll happen to me and how awesome that... continue reading


How many of your sales are "Print Usage (P-EL)"? I've got 5 so far (shown below), pretty good increase in earnings such sales bring!My latest P-EL was today, the swan, hence this blog... Go ahead and post yours. continue reading

R.I.P. "Nikki"...

>It is my first blog entry here at Dreamstime.It is important.It also isn't mine, rather my son's blog entry about his beloved camera. For the ones kind enough to read it, the link is below: An Obituary: Nikon “Nikki” Coolpix, May 2005-June 2010For the ones that do not have the time, the short story is that his camera - "Nikki" - is (was) responsible for most 'travel' images in our portfolio. I am saying 'our' because 3000ad stands for the work of three even though only one name is listed.... continue reading

P-el sale and 400 downloads

Lucky March !!!A lucky P-el sale on 03/01/2010, 50 credits (2010).And reached my 400 downloads milestone. continue reading

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