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Photomodels that do not have to pay

Good day!Don't know how many photographers doing that, but I have never paid the models. Don't even know how to interact with the photo-models. This is probably my next step in photographing people. In the meantime, I use the "services" photo-models, which I do not need to pay. These are my children and my cats.This kittens was very scratchy!   Sometimes my photo-models are friendly among themselves.         But sometimes cats get distraught with kids.     But... continue reading

Sales paid for Laptop photographed twice over - its possible!

This image which I have made 212 sales on has generated enough money to pay for the original purchase twice over. Just saying - good luck you people! (May not work with Ferraris) continue reading

How much we pay for Adobe's move to cloud

Adobe Photoshop and the all Creative Suite applications just made a move to cloud. Adobe decided to discontinue software you can actually buy so they can force you to rent the applications for a monthly fee.As we can read here:"For a limited time, you can join a special Creative Cloud photography plan designed exclusively for Photoshop customers. It includes access to Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5, plus feature updates and upgrades as... continue reading

What do you need to pay attention to keep on cold days?

Pay attention to the waist warm, warm winter: low temperature and humidity is one of the leading causes of chronic low back pain, must pay attention to keep warm in winter, as the change in the weather add clothes.Posture standing, sitting, and so on to correct: lumbar lordosis physiological deepened when standing and sitting position, increased lumbar joints and the intervertebral disc pressure, it can cause back pain after a long time. If can keep on both sides of the knee joint in turn mild QuQuWei... continue reading

6 months dreamstime

my first sold picture on dreamstimeAfter 6 months dreamstime, things went very wellstarted with pics from my hard disc, standing there for times, why not sell them?so my first sold pic, simple cobble stones, after a couple of days onlineafter a few months I bought me a nice quality lens and a second hand body,now, first 100 dollars on my account, 34 sales, what will be the next step?my best selling picture untill now continue reading

Hard work is starting to pay off

The hard work that I have been putting in to increase my portfolio is finally starting to pay off.There is a definite upward trend in my stats, sales and revenue.This month has been another good month for me.Second best month in sales.There are still 3 days to go so you never know what can happen.I finally got my acceptance ratio over 50%.I plan to keep pushing the uploads higher and higher as there is a direct correlation between the number of files one has online and the amount... continue reading

Pay attention about DETAILS!

I know that the world of photography is full of imagination & unreal things (wow yes I do!), this is one of the greatest things about it, no limits & none stop creativity! But when it comes to our daily life & professional work, we always love to find the photo that really represents the subject that we would like to cover! If we can mix the unreal with the real it would be nice to open a new imagination window for the target (client)! In some professions, a photo that represents the reality is a... continue reading

Tax time...Pay Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally reached $100.Last night this photo sold twice to bring my earnings to $102.69.Thank you DT and thank you buyers. continue reading

Props that pay for themselves

One of the fun things of stock photography is that you can take photos of, and make money from, things you already own.I find it hard to predict which shots will ultimately make money so I hesitate to actually purchase props for stock, but I love it when I end up earning enough from sales to actually pay for the item I photographed!Here are a few examples - feel free to share your own in the comments (but let keep the objects' value over $5 so we don't have endless shots of paperclips and food... continue reading

A Bit of Hard Work Does Pay Off

Well I have been a member here for just over a year and for most part not very successful.My first month saw me get 15 uploads and 45 rejections.It hurt and I pretty much felt fed up and left it feeling like I did not have what it takes to provide stock photographs.I spent then the best part of a year buying a little bit of new equipment, spending time on the forum watching and taking in what was going on and selling etc.April 2010 I decided to try my hand at it again.In the year my... continue reading

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