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Just donated a portion of my earnings to Unicef

I donate several times a year to Unicef, usually in response to a crisis, and I just made another donation today to help the children dying due to a major drought in the Horn of Africa. It was a no-brainer, since I just got a notification that my most recent payment from Dreamstime just posted to my PayPal account.To me, my Dreamstime earnings are like free money, since I don't have to do anything to get it. I don't really add to my portfolio, it just keeps selling on it's own, and I just request... continue reading

The WikiLeaks affair

In these days WikiLeaks draws our attention and the attention of many media, especially TV and newspapers, and of governments and secret services.The latest news are that some backers of imprisoned Julian Assange, chief of WikiLeaks, made denial-of-service-attacks on the servers of MasterCard and PayPal.So, here's may contribution to this theme: continue reading

My first payment on DT as an illustrator

Today I received my first $100. Hooray! Ok, it took far too long but lets see if I can get the next payment faster. My next targets are 200 images uploaded and 100 sales.Here's the image that brought me over the $100 line:It's online for 1 and a half month and has already 4 downloads. I am a noob here but think that's not too bad. :DAnd this continues to be my bestseller with 15 downloads now:Thanks for reading and cheers to everyone! continue reading

That Sentimental Factor

I’m finally doing it—I’ve just requested payment from DT!First it was, do I cash in at the $100th?Well it included the exclusive bonuses, so I thought, nah, I’ll wait ‘til I reach $100 of just sales.Silly, was my BFF's reaction to that, might as well wait until it's $200 was her tongue & cheek remark.Then I had to make a decision how as to how to receive my payment, Paypal or check.Paypal?But I wasn’t sure if I have to pay a fee and that’s just goes against my grain …... continue reading

My first Payment

Hello everyone,After a long time (10 days) finally I got my payment paid to paypal.Its a kind of a new experience to me. I am very happy. I am working hard so that I can have at least 1 payment per month. Could anyone please let me know that what was your download ratio per month. I mean how many downloads you had/have a month when you had/have 1000+ images online. continue reading

101 Dollar Receipt in My Paypal Account

Today is great, $101 added in my Account. Thank You DT.I wish i get the next payment soon :))This is the footprint for my step to get another dollar in a few month ahead :) with DT. Once again, Thank You DT and the Buyer. We Love You :)) continue reading

Feature Request, Buy instantly through paypal

A big hello to all the DT friends, and another very big one for the site admin and site feature specialist. I have one request, I don’t know if its an valid request or no: (Would like feedback from DT Users), Wouldn’t it be better if people can buy images and vectors without being a member of the site, I mean to say, anybody who visit the site can buy an image directly without buying credits, they click, its goes to any other payment options then using pre purchased credits. Why I'm suggesting... continue reading

PayPal - Transfer cash to your Bank Account

Well...Just wanted to share my experience to fellow contributors.Anyone who is having a PayPal account, they can easily transfer their funds from PayPal account to their bank account.What I did. Instead of Credit Card I added my Visa Electron Debit Card to my PayPal account.Whenever you wish to withdraw your cash, select "Withdraw Funds to your Card" option and make transaction.It will come to your bank account in 7 days.Because your Debit Card is already linked to your bank account.... continue reading

PayPal In Estonia - It's Working!

It's official now - PayPal works in Estonia!In September 2007 PayPal announced that PayPal started to offer account balance withdrawals to Visa-branded credit, debit, or prepaid cards in 26 international markets. Listed new countries were: Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Cyprus, Estonia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Indonesia, India, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Philippines, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, UAE, and Uruguay.Yesterday I... continue reading

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