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Acceptance percentage

I have just got my acceptance percentage up to 80% from a low of 57% the first month or two of uploading to Dreamstime. So for anyone new my tip would be check your images carefully for blemishes and noise as a starting point and be a little selective. Now if I have any doubts about the quality I don't upload it. I'll add a couple of images from my latest uploads. Happy snapping :)   continue reading

Approval percentage and maximum amount

Have waited few days,a week or so to see if something was going to change;the point is that a week ago I was uploading some pictures when I noticed that the maximum amount of pictures I could upload decreased from 70 per week to 12 per week.Now I understand that the quality of pictures is something important,even understand that too much pictures uploaded with nosense is frustrating for everyone,but that number is really too small.I'm just an hobbiest so I wasn't maybe... continue reading

Over 50%

Last month I blogged that I was almost at a 50% acceptance ratio.Well I finally got back to 50%.Now I just need to keep it up there. continue reading

Almost back to 50%

After many months of learning the hard way, my acceptance ratio is almost back to 50%.I am at 49.6% right now and hope to get back into the upper half by next month.Climbing the ladder after falling down to almost 30% has been tough.I highly recommend that new comers really watch your ratio and do not let it drop too far. continue reading

Second level!

Today I celebrate: for the first time a picture of me is passed level!!!! I have at least eight other waiting ... continue reading

Satisfactory Balance!

Hello everybody!I'm happy for my achievement on the assignments, even with the small portfolio I have...My first assignment participation was the e-commerce: Uploaded 2 accepted 1... 50% AR.Second Assignment Family elders and seniors: Uploaded & accepted 1... 100% AR.Third assignment Show us your best stock: Uploaded & accepted 1... 100% AR.Fourth assignment participation is the latest Spirituality & Religion: Uploaded... continue reading


Interesting thing I noticed about my portfolio. Perhaps it is true of your portfolio too.35% of my downloads come from 4% of my images (I'm excluding free images in my download count).Boy, if I could only figure out what works on those 4% of my images - and could reproduce it on 100% of my images - wouldn't that be nice.How about you?Take the top 4% of your images (the top 4% that have been downloaded the most) - what percentage of your total downloads do those top... continue reading

The New Month

It's a little after 8:00 AM at my house, the 1st of December, it's snowing, my acceptance rate today is 100%, I got 100 on-line last month and a little over 1000 total.Now, I would like to finish the year at 100% and get another 100 for the month but with the crazy holiday activity coming up I doubt I can get the 100 done and since I can't judge my photos well, I doubt the 100% will last into tomorrow.......however, these numbers sound good for now, so I will take them! continue reading

50% of the Lacrosse photo's....

I have made it, and still have a few more images under review and several more to submit.Do a search for lacrosse and 50.8% of the actual lacrosse shots are mine.Ok, here's the current breakdown...Lacrosse search results85- Nothing to dow with lacrosse or sports10- Shots of Bleachers and seats6- Shots of soccer nets8(lacrosse netting has smaller spaces)Leaving... continue reading

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