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A special view with the cracked leaf

It's was a sunny morning and the ground was wet. In the corner,the moss was growing with active life. And the pathway, the pathway was covering with the high trees.When I walked along the quiet pathway, the water on the leaves dropped on my head. And I lift my head, there was a leaf being ate and just being left the vein.It was a so special leaf... There were so many leaves on the morning day, but just this one attracted my attention.With the cracked leaf, I got a special view to watch the... continue reading

A perfect month

Long have I awaited for it to happen, I kept trying and trying and trying, sometimes even too hard. I kept telling myself this is the one I will get it an when I got a refusal my dream of a perfect month was shattered even to my dismay that images that was refused, someone else had a similar that got accepted. Here the proper word is similar upon reading the comments of the editors and looking carefully at the image that got accepted what was the defect on mine were not present on the image accepted.... continue reading

Perfect Zoo Pictures

Photographing Zoo animals has always been a favorite outing for me albeit a bit tricky, for me taking pictures of zoo animals is like fishing in the ocean you never know what behavior your going to capture, are the animals going to be enjoying a day of laying in shade or as I prefer up and moving around which incidentally provides for the best photo's.In my article image, I've titled it shy little monkey as the monkey seems to be peeking out from behind its hands, this picture was my favorite of... continue reading

Photoshop Does Wonders For Smiles

I run Internet marketing campaigns for dentists. It's a niche that I sort of fell into and have become passionate about. One of the constant challenges in marketing dentists is finding pictures of beautiful smiling people that look great on their websites AND that the dentists don't freak out about when they see the pics on their sites.Right or wrong, the assumption that dentists make is that every photo on their website needs to represent fine dentistry. They generally don't care that a photo... continue reading

How To Get Perfect Focus Every Time

Click here for the Video for this article:Some of the most interesting scenes are seascapes or landscapes that are tack sharp from right at your feet to the distant horizon. Here's how you can do it every time.First of all you have to scout the scene when you have lots of time. Try to pick a convenient location so you can come back when the light is perfect.You don't want to leave anything to chance so avoid autofocus, which may concentrate on the centre of the image and leave the foreground... continue reading

Perfect photography

When most of us we can achive this perfection?Amazing portfolioThis i guess is my best natural photo and even if i like it is not even close to the photos within the link upWhat is your best natural image? continue reading

Critics please ! ! !

Hi,I recently join dreamstime. After many rejection, and lot of survey on dreamstime, I decided to upload conceptual images. When I start shooting conceptual, I realize it is not easy, one need to think a lot for the conceptual subject. Though I amanged to uploaded uploaded conceptual images.Now I really want to know, if my conceptual is going in right direction, or whether my conceptual thinking is right or wrong, or I am making wrong conceptual images. I need your critic comments to improve... continue reading

My perfect day...

1 Nobody comes along and sits in the view I am about to take...2 My own shadow can be prevented without having to move the sun...3 My wrist strap is securely around my wrist...4 The wrist strap is securely attached to the camera...5 I have remembered to pack my wrist...6 Now I can press the shutter...7 Nope! I have to use the 2 second timer delay as a 'press' will invoke camera shake...8 Damn took too long, hands are all sweaty...9 Forget the perfect day, I'm taking... continue reading

Do You Want Perfect Outddoor Exposure?

Here's the secret to getting a perfectly exposed outdoor shot every time - (as long as your subject area is within the 5-stop dynamic range of the camera's metering system)1. Know how your camera handles exposure-( I know that mine overexposes between 1/3 and 2/3 of a stop-depending on lighting conditions)First, calibrate your camera's meter:a) Set camera mode to “P”/P-shift“, or “A/AV” Use Matrix/evaluative metering-(Scene should contain all tones within dynamic range)b)... continue reading

From the designer's perspective

Last week, I was deeply involved in a project in my 'day job,' working on a presentation for a consulting client.I needed a few specific images to illustrate what I was trying to say.I checked out clip art, thought about looking on the web, and then I realized:Dreamstime!I logged in, did a few searches, and found a dozen terrific images.I put them all in a lightbox, then came back to them a bit later.They all still seemed appropriate, so I downloaded the most relevant.They fit into... continue reading

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