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DT photos used by Royal Shakespeare Company

Two DT photos have recently been used in the programme brochure for a quite brilliant production called "The Heart Of Robin Hood" by the Royal Shakespeare Company in their new theatre at Stratford on Avon.This first is this one by FechetmThe second is an image of an archer by Martin Hartinik (Svjatogor), but I couldn't find it in his portfolio.You can find out more about the RSChere continue reading

How to take macro shots - the cheap way

Hello this is my first post on the blog here, and i decided to explain something about how to take macro shots, without a true macro lens. Because i have a Nikon camera i will exemplify with some accessories for Nikon.You can take macro photos of insects or any other small object with the help of:- extension tubes + lens- extension tubes + reversed lens- reversed lens- macro lens (the ideal solution but also the most expensive one)The extension tubes are... continue reading

Thanks dreamstime, sold 3 photos in 2 weeks.

Just wanted to say thanks to the editors of dreamstime for accepting my photos and made 3 sales in 2 weeks, although not so much money but I am happy to be able to share my photos with the world! Thanks everyone!I'm really having fun here at dreamstime. Most of my pics are taken in my backyard in Indonesia, I hope those places will still be beautiful so that landscape lovers could enjoy taking beautiful photos of Wild Indonesia.Thanks for the kind words and comments, sorry if I do not reply asap,... continue reading

How I keep my digital files organized

I think this is a good subject to blog about. Capturing a photo these days is very cheap, all it takes is to press the button and a new photo is born. Due to this ease and low cost, the amount of files just keeps piling up.Having your files safe and well organized is very important. Not being able to find a file in short time means not having it when you need it. You practically lost it even if it is there hiding in some directory.Here is what I do:I have a separate disk 1 TB connected... continue reading

What i was and what i got

Today for some reason i said to look through my portfolio and search to see what photos i've sold more and which not .But doesn't matter that to much because i saw something that i liked more...i sawsold photos from each session shot i did till now and that thing make me happy.Before stock i never did photos and today i know i am just a stock photographer ,i don't know if it is a good or bad thing but i can make alive from stock .Friday i will have a new session shot,all session... continue reading

My first "isolated on white" image uploaded and accepted

A few days ago, I wanted to give myself a try on my first isolated image. I've been using some youtube examples on how to take and postprocess "isolated on white" images and finally I have done it.First I needed to do is to create some sort of low budget lightning studio, cause I did not have one, so I used about 25 years old table lamp with 100w light bulb (6800K), some white paper for background, tissue paper for diffusing light to get soft shadows and some home made light bouncers.After... continue reading

Added to my HDR collection

Please take a look at the 4 new images that I added to my HDR collectionHDR Photos© Patl (Help)© Patl (Help) continue reading

new works

I want to share with you my new photos, which I have made during last months. Also I'd like to know opinion of potential buyers: if they want these images)))Check them hereAnd here are my best images continue reading

Content Filter On/off - Sensitive Photos

In the "Management Area" below the search field there is a check boxwith two little buttons called "Content Filter On/Off".When you search for photos with "Content Filter" switched to "On" allphotos which are considered by DT as "sensitive" are not shown.Per default for each account the content filter is switched to "On".Of course, what an individual considers as "sensitive" might heavily differby factors like age, background, culture, belief, gender etc.Nevertheless DT seems... continue reading

First (and second) editorial image sold!

Ok, I'm been waiting patiently to put up my blog crowing about a success.My turn.;-)I've been doing this for a few months to maybe other newbies will like the following info.First upload: 07/11/2011First accepted: 07/14/2011First sale of the trailer image after about 100 views on 09/08/2011My first sale ever came at 08/05/2011Currently I have 180 online photos and 14 sales.Three came last night - one from an image of a condo building with only seven views... continue reading

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