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Winter fun

It's amazing how people always complain about the weather: too hot, too cold, too much rain, too much humid, too much snow... Where I come from, people complain even more when it's winter time. I find that weird, since winter is so beautiful. Snow covered evergreen trees are just amazing. Snowflakes reflecting light at night are like precious gems. The snow also absorbs city noise, which makes this season so relaxing.The big reason why I love winter is for outdoor activities. No insects to drive... continue reading

Giraffes and mud! new collections

hi all, I am looking for images for 2 new collections, mud and giraffes. giraffes I want these beautiful long regal animals in zoos, reserves and all kinds. continue reading

collection request

Hi again! I need some images for two collections still.. of children playing and military moments. both have 4 photographers but I need at least 5 to go public and Id like more! so if you have not contacted me about these two collections and you have some images you would like me to add, then let me know the photos! thanks~!Susan continue reading

new collections

Hi all! this newbie has figured out how to do I need some images! SO FAR MY 3 COLLECTIONS ARE butterflies, children playing and military. soooooo... if you have some images you would like in my collections, let me know here! thanks all! continue reading


Playingbeautiful young people enjoying and posing together.Love is a great feeling and allteens know very well to express it.Enjoy the fall! continue reading

3 Reasons I Love (play) the Stock Rank Game

Many of you have now played the Stock Rank game and I have discovered three reasons I love (or at least play) this game.1)This game is great at getting a better idea of what sells and what doesn't.I am fairly new to the stock world and being able to go through a lot of images (which have been accepted) in a short amount of time is great.It is even better that I get to instantly see which of these images have sold and which have not.This game has helped me get a better grasp on, not only... continue reading

Stock rank game/tool 2

Since I started to play this addictive DT game/tool, Stock Rank, I considered it be very easy. It was more logic then guess. As I stated in my first post on the subject lots of patterns were visible, also images were repetitive in many cases, and you can learn them. It looks like you can climb easily over the rank list.And then, I reached rank 33, my sign becomes silver and... things changed.First, the set will rarely (or never) give more then 100 points for 10 of 10. Your total points raises... continue reading

I learned something fun to do while waiting on pending files results!

I Just am wondering if I'm the only one who has fun playing with their mouse.After you click on the mouse wiggle it back and forth!Some images look so funny and yet so real when you apply this technique.It is so much fun I didn't want to keep it all to myself.Have fun! Enjoy playing with your mouse.Someone needs to invent frames that cause the image to wiggle in certain areas like that.It is so stimulating!I am really looking forward to hearing from everyone!Try the technique with... continue reading

missed oportunity

There is nothing sweeter than a child exploring the natural world. and I forgot my camera!!Last week it rained several days in a row, it was very warm and my 2 year old granddaughter was driving her mom nuts being cooped up in the house.So we took her outside to play in the mud. she took her little child size garden shovel and dug for worms. then we found a great mud puddle and she splashed around for almost an hour.I had to convince her to come inside again by offering a warm bubble bath... continue reading

Shooting Puppies Two

This is what happens if you bring your own dog and there is "interaction". continue reading

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