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The 5 Best WordPress Plugins for Optimising Images on Your Site

For some years now, I have been actively deploying websites for friends and one off clients with wordpress. I have found Wordpress to be a versatile CMS platform which is flexible, extendable and quite an amazing piece of software. While there are a lot of tweaks that one can make towards making a website faster with wordpress like minifying scripts, caching etc., one sure way to get a fast website is to optimise your images. As a photographer, it may be the best and biggest opportunity for... continue reading

5 Free WordPress Plugins for Managing Images and Media

If you are a blogger, you already know that WordPress is a free open-source content management system for creating blogs and website content used by more than 60 million websites worldwide. One of the most powerful aspects of using WordPress to create your online content is the support for Plugins built into the core architecture.Plugins are built and supported by 3rd party independent developers that allow for the seamless integration of additional functionality. Plugins can cove a wide range of... continue reading

Playing PS filters and making everything of stars (my new collection)

A month ago I installed new plug-ins to my PS CS4. Namely, StarSpikes Pro 2 Filter(from ProDigital Software), Knoll Light Factory(from Red Giant Software), and set of filtersfrom Flaming Pear (of which filters Flexity, Flood, Melancholytron, Glitterato and some others are my favorite ones).I like them much since they allow me to create excellent effects. And so, I have been playing with these plug-ins for several weeks and finally new collection in my portfolio appeared - Things Made out... continue reading

Clip art on Astronomy and PhotoShop plugins

In my portfolio there are 40 or 50 images that represent clip art on astronomy themes. Like these ones:=================================================================================================They are sold more or less succesfully and so, recently I decided to expand the collection. Today 3 new images have been approved (3 from 3). Here they are:I plan to continue this work using PhotoSHop and very effective sets of plugins. Namely, FLAMING PEAR which represends... continue reading

Photoshop plugins that are worth the money

If you find yourself using photoshop a lot and are looking for more ways to further enhance your art, then looking into commercial plugins might actually be worth the price. There's many many free resources out there, many are very good too. But there's an even bigger selection and more hidden power to be explored once you're ready to pay a little. If you're using photoshop to make money, chances are that it will be worth it.There's a few plugins I myself have bought that I think are worth every... continue reading

Filter guide

I wanted to create a photoshop filters guide for both photographers and manipulators and here it is!I will make this into two parts, the first one for freeware, the second one for shareware.These are all plugins that I am currently using or have used or at the very least tried out during a trial period. Before purchasing anything I will strongly recomend to download a trial of it first.FREEWARE:Virtual photographer: a doubt the best free photoshop... continue reading

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