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Rainbow reflections

Up, down, round and roundSmall and bigSlow and fastGlistening in the lightFloating in the airWaiting for your soft touchBursting into nowhereMore, moreOne more blowOne more bubbleUp, down, round and roundHere a pop! There a pop! continue reading

To click or not to clik, that is the question

Ok, so i've been ill the last couple of days and unable to sleep with nasty coughing...basically too much down time on my hand.Posting just for fun (Blatant ripoff). To Enjoy or Not...TO CLICK, OR NOT TO CLIK, THAT IS THE QUESTION:WHETHER 'TIS NOBLER IN THE MIND TO SUFFERTHE SLINGS AND ARROWS OF OUTRAGEOUS REJECTION,OR TO TAKE ARMS AGAINST A SEA OF BAD PHOTOS,AND BY OPPOSING END THEM: TO SUBMIT, TO PASSNO MORE; AND BY A PASS, TO SAY WE ENDTHE HEART-ACHE, AND THE THOUSAND UNNATURAL... continue reading

Illustrated poem

Hello all!Here is a poem from the French writer Boris Vian, that I really like and I had the pleasure to translate here and illustrate with Dreamstime pictures.It's about the simple and beautiful things life offers us to see.I hope you like it too, and it gives you happiness and inspiration in your everyday life and shots!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Why I LiveWhy is that I liveWhy is that I liveFor the yellow legOf a blond womanLeaning on the wallUnder the... continue reading

Good Morning It's a Brand New Day - Poem From long ago

Anyone ever been banned from adding comments ?I didnt cuss or anything, just gave some ideas on how to get more recognized by search engines by adding more channels.I can't respond, if you post but just curious.I haven't had good experiences with blogs.Yahoo lost all my post, but they dont do them within their site.Any ideas ?I wrote a poem years ago that I turned into a greeting Card.It's short and simple:It's just an imaginary FlowerI started to pick it but... continue reading

My twelve days of Christmas

This is a poem that was sent to me from my Auntie in Scotland. I've no idea who wrote it or where she got it from but I thought you might enjoy it.On the first day of Christmas my truelove said to me..."I'm glad we boughtfresh turkey and a proper xmas tree."On the second day of xmas, much laughtercould be heard as we tucked into ourturkey, a most delicious birdOn the third day we entertained thepeople from next door, the turkey tastedjust as good as it had the day... continue reading

be different

Kids Who Are Differentby Digby WolfeHere's to the kids who are different,The kids who don't always get A's,The kids who have ears twice the size of their peers,And noses that go on for days...Here's to the kids who are different,The kids they call crazy or dumb,The kids who don't fit, with the guts and the grit,Who dance to a different drum...Here's to the kids who are different,The kids with the mischievous streak,For when they have grown, as history's shown,It's their... continue reading

Together we live!

5. 12 one anniversary is coming.Tragedy has passed, life is going on.Try our best is the biggest comfort to the gone and also this is their maximal hope.We everyone should choose adamancy.The sun will rise, tomorrow we wish.Solidify we stand. Together we live. continue reading

Last night he dreamed that falling flowers would not stay.

I can still remember the youngI love you love to talk laughOnce seated side by side under the peach treeLin Shao birds in the wind in the nameI do not know how to sleepWhispering Color dream。 continue reading

Romantic Night

I, a simple manNot known for line and verseAm buccaneer with amoristic curseA wayward highwaymanBewitched and enchanted by the chaseThe moment the touch the embraceI looked into abyssal depthsOf impassioned sultry eyesDeep pools lit by Aphrodite's moon... continue reading

You're No More There

Every morning,I still open my eyes to greet the day,I still hear the birds singing away,I still feel the wind blowing astray,But still you’re no more there.Every noon time,I still eat my lunch to fill my hunger,I still walk to reach wherever,I still talk to whomever,But still you’re no more there.Every evening,I still drive home and take my shower,I still stroll by to buy some flowers,I still cook my own dinner,But still you’re no more there.Every nite,I... continue reading

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