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Polarizer filter, if you want stunning blue skies!

A lot of people ask me how I get the sky in my images to be so blue. While there are many variables involved in making the sky look natural, a polarizing filter can actually make the sky look more dramatic, and it's easy to learn how to use it properly.Basically, a polarizer can reduce reflections from objects such as water and glass and can be used to darken the sky and bring out the clouds, making the scene look much more vivid. It can also help reduce haze. For all normal lenses that have a... continue reading

Polarizer filter and blue sky

Sometimes you can forgot a polarizer filter or simply you don't have it.If you have photoshop, you can do beautiful sky difrent methods. I would like show one of them today.You put picture in photoshop and make copy of this layer. Select this copy layer a select in menu "Apply image".Then:Layer=BackgroundChannel = BlueBlending = Vivid Lightand on the end we check off Invert.Now we select this adjust layer and set Overlay between 20-50%. We can use Filter - Reduce noise, if we need.... continue reading

Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

I had the good fortune recently to travel down to Oregon.While I was there I visited the Silver Falls State Park.There are ten waterfalls within a ten mile hike.All of the falls are beautiful, and many are over 100 ft in height.The morning started off cloudy, so with a polarizer in hand the colorful green moss was jumping out at me!Shown here are the South Falls, Lower South Falls, and the Winter Falls.It is about an hour's drive from Portland.The hike of the 10 falls can be done in... continue reading

Polarizer tip

I was reading a digital photo magazine today and it had a good tip on using a polarizer: bracket.I've used bracketing a lot when I'm unsure on exposure but I've never thought of bracketing the actual polarizer rotation itself.I usually rotate the ring and attempt to gauge the best effect, but I tend to settle on a particular amount and take a single shot.Taking a few shots with different amounts of polarization is a simple idea that may make a world of difference in the final photo. continue reading

Panoramas, and Why the Polarizer Is Not Your Friend

What could be more natural than using a circular polarizer on a sunny day with a few clouds?What better way to bring some definition to those clouds, intensify the colors without introducing weird PhotoShop-y elements, and darken up that sky?And, if you're intending to take multiple shots to create a panorama later, wouldn't that polarizer be even more useful?Here's what I learned when I examined those would-be panorama shots back on the big screen (as opposed to my 3 inch viewfinder):that... continue reading

Autumn, polarizing filter and what's coming up

This has been a busy year. I am getting close to 5000 images online. I am happier with my images in general. There are lots of ideas and unprocessed images still, so work work.Some recent news:Almost finished "mother with children" series, just a few images left to process. The models were great, very natural. Most of the images now online.Several gorgeous fall images are also online already, the colors were unbelievable. Sometimes people think I do a lot of post processing in photoshop... continue reading

Polarizing Filters

A polarizing filter is one of those nifty devices that help block haze, reduce light glare and increase contrast in clouds. Its difficult to describe. Some say its like having a set of vertical blinds that you can close part way, blocking out the glare on a scene. A polarizer works because of the way light waves travel.Polarizers are great for shooting water or glass because they block those annoying reflections that plague photographers. There are two kinds of polarizing filters, linear and circular.... continue reading

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