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Welcome to the home of the poor cats.

 There are about 30 cats in the house came from a cat who was left to care for the inspiration to the photography blog . Cat food each day for nearly three kilos.  I made the blog owner to sell online. For part of their diet. Click each image you will be part of taking care of these little cats . Thank you to everyone who is interested in buying a picture of it all.  continue reading

Poor man's lighting!

I don't know why I chose the title, but this method of lighting is quite nice and gives you studio quality shots. You could use a torch or candle for all I care. Use anything that produces light for around 15s.Rich man method:Get a couple speedlites and softboxes and strobes. Make it 1600 W and get a DSLR and shoot the photo. You can get some awesome food shots for around $1000 equipment.My trick:I got this idea from light-painting. I use this method to get an uniform lighting without... continue reading

Poor background removal - is this refusal bugging you?

"Poor background removal" - if this is a refusal reason that you commonly receive when your images are reviewed, especially on subjects that have a plain (often white) background, here are a few tips that I hope you will find helpful.If you intend to "cut out" your subject matter and place it on a white background, you need to make sure the background is actually white. And the edges of your subject need to look realistic - often they have the appearance of being cut out with scissors because... continue reading

New motivation and ideas...

It has been a tough couple of weeks for me in terms of taking photographs, we had visitors over easter and it is a busy time down on t'farm and I have found it tough to find time, motivation or inspiration to take pictures...However this week I found an unlikely source of inspiration in terms of a request from one of my wifes clients who has requested assistance in illustrating his blog.She is currently digging through the DT archives to find around 160 pictures to illustrate a blog on self... continue reading

It's Not My Fault if Sales are Poor

There is a common theme you see in the forums that goes something like this: "I've been on DT for a year and with 100 images in my portfolio I have only 5 sales. But over at XYZ I have 25 sales."In other words, there is a problem with DT. Someone else eventually will post and say they have 25 sales on DT and 5 sales at XYZ so the problem is really with XYZ. And thus the debate continues.However, the point that everyone seems to miss is this: You've been doing stock for 12 months, have 100... continue reading

Poor January

After an incredible December with lots of big credit sales, January disappointed me : I have 90% subscriptions and 1 credit sales :(.I hope this soon will change. Does anyone experiences the same?PS: I'm setting the subscriptions on fire :) continue reading

My funny lenses

Sometimes I am a bit confused about the comments of the editor given at refused pictures. The most common comment reads like this:"Poor optical performance due to low lens quality, such as lens fringing, chromatic aberrations, uneven sharpness in focus area."However the next shot is accepted even if its taken with the same camera and the same lens. How can my lens go bad and then good again?My camera should not be a problem as I use a Nikon D2x and Nikon lenses.Can maybe somebody... continue reading

Rich and poor

In Germany actually there is a political discussion on issues of rich and poor people, who should get the money, how much money, who has to pay for this, what is enough money and so on... this discussion has been growing over the last years more and more. So, this stimulated my creativity and the final result was this illustration:Do you think that it describes the above mentioned problem in an appropriate way? continue reading

My most viewed files with less DL, are they so bad?

Should I put them for free? or just leave and wait for sales?I woukd like to make a bit promotion of my more viewed files with less downloads and if someone is interested in them maybe wants to buy or if someone can give me advice to improve them and re upload ;)well, let's begin!!Grey cat, one of my first uploads, uploaded on september 2006, 400 views and 1 download! wow, I won't put it for free bacause of that single upload, if they were at 0 I would offer for free. I suppose there... continue reading

My New Website

After a lot of years and patience, I finally launched a website for my photography profession. Believe it or not... it still doesn't have a gallery. Lol. The problem is the time taken up by daily uploads doesn't leave me with any time for sorting or creating links from my gallery to DT images. Bur the basic conception of the site was a huge problem, its not the designing that really delayed it for so long.I held my first analog SLR camera approximately in Jan 2005 which I had to sell immediately... continue reading

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