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Potential on the road

In life we tend to aim for something and by that we focus too much ... sometimes too much just doesn't work ... rather, take advantage over your conceptions, camera limitations and overall hesitation ... :)Let's try that.- learn to see; you're moving by and you witness a lovely view ... isolate what you see from how you feel, try seeing the moment through a frame without any secondary distractions; not that those elements look ugly, they just add filters of confusion to what... continue reading

Attractive pictures about food and food blogging & potential new trade

Hi Dreamstimers, here I am again. Although I have never experienced food photography, that's a thing a feel attracted from.All begun when a friend of mine started his business in growing plants and selling his own products as typical here nearby. He is a passionate photographer and told me: that's a good way to attract buyers and clients, to have a decent picture illustrating what you produce and sell. Here I am using some of your pictures, that I find very near to my concept.I started... continue reading

Exclusivity advantages

Hello. My name is Ioan Oprea. I presented myself in a previous blog article. Recently I became an exclusive photographer with Dreamstime and I was a bit surprised about the fees. Before being exclusive with Dreamstime I got 1 sale which was calculated 2 ways - as an exclusive sale which counted 1.44 $ and it's potential price if I become exclusive with Dreamstime which was something around 2.4-2.5 $ (I don't remember the exact price). My submission was accepted so I became exclusive photographer with... continue reading

Earnings Analysis - Which photos have the most potential

Remember back in high school when the seniors voted for most popular and most likely to succeed?Where are they now right?The most popular has been married four times and the most likely to succeed works at the supermarket bagging groceries.But that nerdy kid everyone picked on started his own Internet company and is married to a supermodel.You never can tell what the future may bring.Looking at my earning recently I was struck by how little my most popular image has made.This background... continue reading

potential photo

Photos of the past, I find some of the feel-good photo.I believe they have the potential to be downloaded.Some feel pretty good, I hope someone will like and download.Good photo of the standard is very bad definition.But no matter how different it must adhere to when you press the shutter, the finder screen must be moved to their own.The theme is very messy, hope you like. continue reading

300$ and 2 lessons learned

Hello all,I am happy I reached 300$ from sales. I joined in 26 January 2010 , so it's almost 10 months. It is true I made 100$ by winning the 3'rd place in the assignmentEveryday Transportation : , but my earning balance continues to grow constantly.I also want to share with you what I have learned:First of all, Ilearned from my refusals what images to upload so that this month I have 100% acceptance ratio, I am very proud.Second of all, I learned which images have the potential... continue reading

So much Potential, So little resources

Almost all of us have run into this issue, including myself.We have so many ideas, so many visions, and so many images bouncing around in our head, yet we do not have the equipment or resources to achieve the photograph we desire.It's very frustrating, is it not?A thought comes in to your head... well it would be cool if I could do this, or have a photo portraying that.But then reality sets in that maybe you don't have the right lighting equipment, the proper lens, or the amount of models... continue reading

Two Views And One Download

Only two views but one download. It makes me very happy. The picture is about a bunch of flower, it was inflected in PhotoShop.I uploaded around 30 photos in abstract style 20 days ago. All the photos were made by some pictures of lower commercial potential. After a certain period of waiting, only two ones were accepted as well as most of them were refused. My acceptance rate rushed down rapidly. I was so sad that I decided not to do this kind any more in the future.Some of the accepted later... continue reading

Getting Hit by a Block…

The world is our muse.Cameras, illustration programs, graphics tablets and styli serve as our brushes with which we paint what we see or how we feel.Messages of encouragement are painted artfully with broad vibrant strokes; warnings are masterfully created with precision and contrast, feelings of loss or sorrow –wailed by a siren in darkened and subdued shades.No matter the outcome, the process of creating something from nothing is exhilarating.Intoxicating.Then, sometimes… inexplicably... continue reading

Dreamstime Potential

After plugging away for over a year, and realizing the stock industry needs, I could never have imagined this Dreamstime Potential.There seems to be a real need for stock photography that isn't boring like you would think.In fact it's just the opposite, because many of my well selling images are exciting and fun to shoot.I enjoy the stock angle very much and are glad to be able to share it with you.Enjoy. continue reading

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