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Silhouettes that Sell!

Let's face it, we are here at Dreamstime because we want to sell images.The question in our image creation, though, is what types of images sell.A quick look through my portfolio reveals that my subjects are broad and varied.I am always searching for another angle, or perspective or view on a subject.Despite this, one of my favorite subjects that I come back to again and again is silhouettes.A silhouette image is easy to create just about anywhere and can result in powerfully simple images... continue reading

The Color Red (Part 2)

My very first blog on Dreamstime was about using the color red in stock photos (here).I've gone back through my portfolio and can see that some of my best selling older images have the color red in them.   I can also see a trend in many of the photos that I've shot more recently that are just beginning to sell and that have the color red in them.   It is the color of blood, and is often used to symbolize passion, love, or anger. In some cultures, the color... continue reading

Concept Photography

The very best photos, including stock photos, are simple and convey a clear concept.The easier the idea of the image is to understand the more powerful it becomes.The last month or so I have tried to submit to Dreamstime photos with a clear concept.Here are a few recent images:My experience is that concept images sell well.Some previous concept images that have sold for me in the past include:The simplier... continue reading

Creative Light

I am sick of taking photos of things that are isolated on white.I am sick of large flat light.I am sick of uploading mass amounts of dull, lifeless photos, even when they sell.I am simply sick of the rut I am in and I am aching to see and create images that are powerful and unique and use creative light.As I reviewed my portfolio recently I discovered that only a few of my top selling photos are of items isolated on white.Rather, many of my top selling photos involve using creative light.... continue reading

The Magic of Monotone Photos

Monotone photos are powerfully simple and convey emotion like few types of photos can.With all extraneous color eliminated, we are left only with light and shape.Add to that a single color and the image is more powerful than its individual parts.In previous posts I’ve discussed the color red and the emotions it conveys.Let’s talk about some other colors for a moment.Blue for instance, conveys cold, lonely, depressed emotions.“I’m feeling blue today,” is a popular phrase in... continue reading

Photography and the Color Red

Human blood, love, anger, sin, passion, and danger, are all symbolized by the color red.Additionally, in some cultures in the East red symbolized prosperity and luck.Several studies indicate that red carries the strongest reaction of all the colors, with the level of reaction decreasing gradually with orange, yellow, and white, respectively.In photography, the color red screams to be noticed, and can be used to create powerful, and sellable images. It’s no wonder then that designers utilize... continue reading

Simplify to Sell Stock

Photographers and designers have the same goal: to create and/or utilize powerful images that make money.One thing that sets successful photographers apart is that they know that a simple image is almost always the most powerful image.To illustrate, imagine that you are a designer that wants a photo to use in an internet ad that illustrates taking a vacation on a beach.There are literally millions of images of beaches to choose from.Which one is the best?Not everyone will agree but the... continue reading

The Power of Color and Negative Space

Nothing brings power and emotion to a photo as well as bold, saturated color.Photographers capturing photos with this type of color are praised for the mastery of their images.But just capturing bold color is not enough alone to make a powerful photo.The purpose of this blog is to discuss just one color technique that will immediately improve your photographs: using complementary colors and negative space.Pete Turner, Eric Meola, Jay Maisel and Al Satterwhite are just a few renown professional... continue reading

all done by photoshop!

I really like photoshop. I learned it by myself. At the begining, I thought it only can used for photo editing like changing photo level, contrast, color.. things like that. But, this is also a powerful drawing software.It can come out an illustration like below:Every object:tulips, castle, clouds, field.. (many layers)..all done by photoshop!I really got satisfaction on this artwork. Sharing to you and hope you like it! continue reading

Earthquake in southwest China

A powerful earthquake in southwest China killed nearly 20, 000 people now and the death toll is expected to climb as rescue efforts are intensifying.Sichuan is my hometown,a beautiful place. continue reading

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