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first milestone $100

 After more than 3 years with Dreamstime I've finally made the $100 stage - its taken a long time and at time I thought it may never happen.Next target 200 images onlineIt would be great to be able to find what/where the images have been used for.I cant work out the logic behind the pricing structure - I have an image that has sold once for $0.17 and again for $8.86 - I'll just hope for more $$$ sales and less cent sales I guess! continue reading

Small Trend for Me

I've noticed a trend that seems to be taking shape for me. Instead of getting lots of smaller sales through subscriptions or just random sales, I seem to be getting fewer but bigger, higher revenue sales in recent months.This is neither a good or bad thing. It seems to mostly be averaging out to about the same as my usual mix of sales, but I just thought it was interesting.I'm wondering if it's just that my portfolio is getting older on this site, which results in more older, higher level photos... continue reading

Dreamstime assignment

My couple on the beach watching the sunset brought me an incredible first place in the last assignment!! In addition my second submission made a great 8th place!I hereby thank Dreamstime and all the voters again!!! :)Now, my prices have arrived!! First of all, many thanks to Dreamstime and Payoneer for the fantastic prices!! *hugs*The price money and a nice Dreamstime hoodie are both here now! The hoodie came along with a kind letter and some stickers :) It fits well and looks great and... continue reading

How much is gas in your country?

Here in the US we are getting slammed with the highest prices for gasoline that we have ever seen.Worse yet, these prices affect absolutely everything.Food, water, clothing you name it, if it needs to travel to get to where you are… the price is going up.We won’t talk about turning food into fuel… Whose idea was that?It sure sounded good but if you were a farmer would you grow food for people or fuel?The answer lies in how much money you will make from the crop.Are we going from... continue reading

subscriptions and average image sale price

ItalyJune 2007 7$0.90July 2007 16$0.93August 2007 7$0.86September 2007 13$0.87October 2007 8$0.96November 2007 21$0.86December 2007 7$0.75January 2008 14$1.12February 2008 20$0.82March 2008 32$1.08April 2008 24$1.13May 2008 19$0.79June 2008 9$0.81Here's one year on DT I hope those subscription sales aren't coming back to stay because I really... continue reading

Global prices are rising

Global prices are rising, vegetables, eggs, meat and so on, people's lives more and more difficult, so the Lebanese riots had taken place. China's CPI rose in the same, and wage gains have been disproportionate, is not only prices, house prices still has not declined, the average family can ill afford the high housing prices. continue reading

Buyers - Getting Deals on Dreamstime

You've found the perfect image and want to purchase full ownership, but the price is a little more than your budget can afford.What to do? Ask for a deal.A lot of buyers might not realize that the creator of the image does have control over the price of SR-EL licenses. The SR-EL License allows you to purchase full ownership of a particular image, meaning you have exclusive rights to use that image.As a creator, I can choose to have that price automatically applied to all my images, or... continue reading

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