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How to Find Photography Props

Props. In theater plays props are items that are used to set the scene where the actors perform. Similarly in photography they help the photographer to set the scene for the main subject, to suggest a certain style or just to make the photo more attractive. So regardless if you are a business or lifestyle photographer, if you have been in the business for a while, you already have some props the shelves in your studio. If you are just beginning, you probably need to start finding them.While you can... continue reading

Having A Set Of Pictures Can Increase Sales

Having pictures that go together in your portfolio can transition to more sales for the simple fact of if designers like the one photo they may want the other for there project which means more sales for you. Sometimes taking photos of the same objects at different angles isn't enough, sometimes it may be wise to consider adding another prop to the picture.Pictures at there simplest form can be even considered valuable, like a plain old napkin with the words I love you on it can appeal to buyers... continue reading

Finding the right location, props and lights for your stock photoshoot

In this previous blog we've discussed how to find the right model for your future photoshoot so it's time we move to the next step, finding a good location, props and lights setup.At this point you have already established a contract with your models so you’re in search for the perfect location. Since you already know what you will be shooting and have discussed this with the people you’ll work with now all you need is a good place to make it happen.Depending on what you have in... continue reading

Getting the most out of a photo shoot

Hi DT'ersI, like many others have recently been making a significant effort to improve my downloads.There doesn't seem to be an one size fits all answer, but effort in does equal reward out, as with most things in life that are worth doing.A friend and I often plan a morning on a weekend to go to a particular location and get some shots for stock and for pleasure (theres a difference it seems).We typically end up with 10-20 good shots that look great on a website generic nice photos, but... continue reading

Need Inspiration? Look Around The House

I admit it, I am addicted to yard sales and thrift stores. Tiny teacups, reindeer candle holders, baskets. I’m always looking for props. At this time of year they’re the only places besides my garage one can find Christmas stuff.The other day though, I decided to have an “around the house” exercise. What can I come up with, with what I have right here in the house (besides the cat)?A couple of cool martini glasses and some ice cream, some pinecones from the yard and a basket from the... continue reading

USA gets DT props!

Thank you, DT for the uplifting July 4th USA birthday promotion!Now I like to think that I am not so arrogant as to think I had anything to do with this, but maybe, just maybe.... L'America! continue reading

Get some Props and have at it!

I recently purchased a bunch of medical laboratory props and have shot some pictures for my stock portfolio here on dreamstime.So without further ado here they are.For these I added some fake blood that I got last halloweenAnd these are some USA patriotic themed lab shots. continue reading

Props that pay for themselves

One of the fun things of stock photography is that you can take photos of, and make money from, things you already own.I find it hard to predict which shots will ultimately make money so I hesitate to actually purchase props for stock, but I love it when I end up earning enough from sales to actually pay for the item I photographed!Here are a few examples - feel free to share your own in the comments (but let keep the objects' value over $5 so we don't have endless shots of paperclips and food... continue reading

Equip yourself !

Creating concepts needs some equipment. Not only photo equipment I mean but also some accessories to create concepts.Here are some bits and piecesI collected or bought from local market. ( costs less than 50 usd )Helmet and working dressSyringeIndustrial and Hygenic masksOmega softgelsPlacebo pilssStethoscopeDollar billsVarious pen and pencilsToy gun , handcuffCheap single coloured t-shirts for modelsEyeglassGame cardslaboratory coat... continue reading

Electronic Props And The Wooden Laptop Computer

Electronic Props And The Wooden Laptop ComputerWhen using modern day electronics in a photo it is always important to remember not to include a brand or logo. They can be hidden, covered, cropped or photo-shoped, so they will no longer be recognized as a specific brand.I howeverwent down a different path and made use of my wood finishing skills, to build a custom unbranded modern day consumer electronic prop. This laptop does not work like it should, but then again it is made from solid... continue reading

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