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Friday, 9:13 AM – what an adorable little boy! How could it possibly be that nobody wanted him, or never came looking for him when he ran off?“Nigel” was brought in to the shelter as a stray on August 25, 2017. Being a Friday, I didn’t want him to sit all weekend without a chance at being noticed. So I grabbed the adorable little guy and went out back for a photoshoot.I put him down on a makeshift pallet table where I put my lenses and other stuff during a photo session. He “walked... continue reading

YAY I made it to 100

So Happy to have made it to 100 photos online.I have learned so much and looking forward to learning more.This is an awesome site!I usually turn on my computer the first thing every day.With anticipation of seeing my photos that I have submitted.Very excited this morning to see I Have 101 photos.Here are just a couple of my newest!Thank you all!     continue reading

Trip Inspiring Uploads

It's been a long time since I've uploaded consistently on Dreamstime, but I just got back from a trip to California and used my camera more than I have in months.I'm hoping that it will inspire me to start shooting again on a daily basis.I also just got a wonderful puppy, so I'm hoping that will inspire me to keep my camera around more often as well!Happy shooting..Jordan    continue reading

Cats don't have eyebrows

   I want to get more pictures of my male tomcat Scratter, but since he IS a cat, he has no eyebrows..thus..showing no emotion..Emotionless cats make for boring I came up with a plan..a Cat Photo trick...I simply just find the cat...because we all know there is no way that cat is gonna come to me..I set up my camera .. I sit down on the floor, directly in front of him...then I call the puppy over and sit her on my lap....Cats can't hide anger...their eyes give it away every time.... continue reading

One Year With DT Celebration and New Model

This week sees my 1 year Anniversary with Dreamstime. I also have a new model to photograph. I have to be quick to catch up with him as he's growing so fast! So here starts a new chapter in my family's life as we share it with our puppy. Lots of photographing to come, hopefully some of it will be good enough to add to DT :) continue reading

New Photo-Dog-Graphy!

It always great to work with a model who will work for kibble.A model who is always up for new things.Doesn't complain about waredrobe.Doesn't need to be pampered.Doesn't have a bad hair day or need any blemishes touched up. continue reading

Christmas Puppy - Please don't get one.

Christmas PuppyMy Christmas puppy stock photographs have proven to be popular.Who can resist an image of this cute Westie all dressed up for Christmas with his Santa hat and Christmas bow?Just don't get a puppy for Christmas.It just not a good idea.With all of the excitement of the toys and other inanimate distractions, its simply not a great time to introduce a living, breathing animal into your home.Puppy's as cute as all get out, but they are a lot of work.They need to be fed,... continue reading

10 Traits of a Good Stock Photography Model

With the need to keep costs to a minimum in the stock photography world, good models that will work for nothing or close to it are extremely desirable.When you find a good stock photography model you'll certainly know it but here are some traits to watch for:10 Traits of a Good Stock Photography Model1. They are willing to work for kibble.2.When you say "sit", they sit.No whining, no lip.3.They are naturally cute and adorable.Let's face it cute sells.... continue reading

Collections Contribution Request Part VIII

6 new collections need your suggestions :) Even if you have nothing to contribute to the current ones, enjoy going through them and keep your eyes open for my future blogs & collections!Venetian Carnevale MasksDogs for Cat PeopleGreen, Red, & YellowRailroadsAwaySnowy SummitsOf course the old collections are always open for new additions, check out my old blogs:Part I,Part II,Part III,Part IV,Part V,Part VI,Part... continue reading

Cross Country Drive Where to stop???

In a little over a week we are going to be driving across the country from South Florida to Seattle Wa going across I10 to Texas then up through colorago and nw from there.Can my Fellow DT'ers Give us any ideas of places that we Must stop for either great food or stock?The little Puppy is going to be taking the trip with us so any places that are pet friendly is awesome.if you want to follow the move she has a FB page @ continue reading

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