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A Numbers Game – What Does It Really Mean?

If you are new to stock photography business, you have probably heard that stock photography is “a numbers game”. What does it really mean? How you can make your stock photography portfolio a success, and how can you fail keeping in mind the quantity.Uploading lots of imagesStock photography is “a numbers game”. And numbers – that means lots of images, right? So, you set a goal to upload 20 or 50 or 100 images per month, or maybe per day, and start to upload everything you can to finally... continue reading

In the relentless pursuit of images....

I know the motto, "quality versus quantity", but I can't help but to think that the larger my portfolio is and the more diverse it is, the more chances I have for sales.I'm constantly in pursuit of interesting and useful images to expand my portfolio.As I carry on with the daily grind, work, kids and routine chores around town I routinely ride around with a small notebook jotting down sites and photo opportunities that I see during the times when I don't have my camera handy, so I can return to... continue reading

First Sale! - Quantity is not everything

My first sale -thank you! I did not expect to sell anything yet. This image has only had 26 views! My portfolio only has 6 images in it at the moment.So maybe you don't need loads of images to get a sale after all! I hope this will inspire all other newbies to not give up but keep trying. A big thank you to the buyer - I'm off to get my camera! :) continue reading

Concept and editorial market

Hi!! Sometimes quality supplementation quantity,sometimes quantity supplementation quality.Was talk and talk more about the concept in stock.Because that brings sale, concept and conceptual.But also some editorial stock bring sales,and you know that.Editorial with people, supermarket, objects, company, logo,etc.But some editorial sell better.For example, this:If you want to be successful here in sales,don't do autumn leaves on the bench because like that does not bring sales here.... continue reading

Dreamstime Submission Rate

Based on numbers assigned to my Dreamstime submissions in a 10-hour period, I have calculated some interesting figures regarding average Dreamstime submission rates:26 submissions per minute1,549 submissions per hour37,174 submissions per day260,215 submissions per week1,130,697 submissions per month13,568,364 submissions per yearThat's one submission every 2.3 seconds! continue reading

Factors of affecting sales

Here are the 8 factors that I can think of:1. Diversify of image2. Quality of image3. Quantity of image4. Exclusivity of image5. Keywording of image6. Activeness in blogging and messaging7. Level of image8. Your popularityDo you agree? or you can add on some?Here is my latest image: continue reading

One question: how many picture before to have "enough" sales?

Yes, I ask often to me this question! I'm here since 2 years and I've some sales, not enough for me, but it's never enough, no?! ;-)And I'm also in more than 10 other microstocks websites with between 340 to 550 pictures, it's depend of the site.With the totality, I've some sales each month, but how many pictures does it hopes to do his full time job?1000, 2500, 5000, more than 10000???What's your experience and/or your opinion on that? continue reading

Quality versus quantity versus time

From my engineering background I find the quality versus quantity discussion interesting.What seems to be missing from the discussion is a third variable: time.It is kind of meaningless to talk about quantity versus quality as if both can't be accomplished!A simple example illustrates the point.If spending twice as much time on an image produces an image with better 'quality', then I can either spend the same amount of total time on images and produce half as many of higher quality, or I... continue reading

Is size everything?

Well only a quick posting this time folks. Busy with my core business designing so not had a lot of time to devote to the photography. But something that is becoming apparent and has been mentioned before in many other blogs is the 'quality v quantity' decision.Having been contributing 4 months properly, it seems my initial thoughts of chucking everything I can into the mix may not necessarily be the order of the day. I notice, particularly as a buyer of stock, that the quality is getting a lot... continue reading

Too many shots!

I think that if we want to get more attention from the buyers we have to take a little less pictures! Yes indeed less pictures! I see you scratching your head! You look surprised!No this is not a joke!I'm talking from my experience with film. I'm studying analog photography and shoot 35mm as well as medium and large format. When I'm going to take pictures with my 35mm camera I take quite a lot of pictures because there's quite some frames (36) on a film. With a medium (12) and even more... continue reading

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