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Some Questions About Collections

I already did some collections, but I don't know will it help to sale more illustrations?Dear dreamstime inhabitants, I need you thoughts about the collections:- do u make collections for yourself to regularize your files or ithelps you in selling?- how can collection consist of illustrations from different contributors?Share your opinions, please)  continue reading

Adobe Illustrator - Fighting Again With Pixels

Hello Everyone:Long time no talk. To make a long story short, I have been inactive on Dreamstime for quite a while after the loss of my sweetheart in 2011. But life's worth living, and I am back with plenty of inspiration. As I wrote in my first article, I am new to illustration making and still have a whole lot to learn. This time--and I hope someone here can give me a clue as how to resolve this problem--I am struggling with raster effects when I am using the 'feather' and/or 'drop shadow' options.... continue reading

Baby photographs questions

Good day everyone,I'm currently wondering if submitting my baby's pictures here is a good idea since I have seen many other babies images posted.I was asking my self if it was safe .I would like for anyone who has already posted their baby's images to tell me a little of their experience if at all possible and also what type of model release to fill out.I know there was one that DT was using but could not find the link.Your comments are appreciated.Here are a few images which... continue reading

The Long List of Great Advice From DT'ers

This is a blog documenting the responses to a thread where the question was asked“So far ive only gotten one picture accepted and ive submitted 10 or so more with no luck. SO i was wondering what type of pictures does DT want, Is there any subjects that i should be focusing on? Also i notice a lot of people on here shoot macro/still life is that something i should shoot more so that i can try to get my portfolio a little bigger?” were... continue reading

What's the future of microstock industry? Where is microstock going?

I would really appreciate your opinions on this matter, fellow dreamstimers (contributors, photogs, illustrators or admins). I have some thinkings that I can't get out of my head...Stock photography began around 2004, when the first digital cameras were becoming very popular, I read once the Dreamstime history: it began being a traditional photography agency and started as stock in 2004 I think. Many stock agencies were created those days: It was a easy, economic and great way to designers... continue reading

my first 1$...yeah!!

I've been registered to dreamstime since 2007, but I've started uploading last month. I thought it shouldn't take too long to earn a dollar, but I was wrong. It took a whole month.Now I wonder, should I continue with stock photography? How many photos are enough to earn at least 100$ a month? Is it possible to earn that much?Is my portfolio any good?anyway, here is the photo that earned my first $:thanks ;) continue reading

Wishes for my portfolio

Things seem to be simple when you see someone else's portfolio and like what you see.You think: I can do this"but in fact is very hard to do.After hours of search for inspiration we realize that we are neversatisfied with our work.How to make clean and simple ideas?I really do not know.Our mind seems to be too complex for simple things.Many times I wanted to erase everything I did and start over but, then I wondered "I'll be able to create something better than before?The answer is...we always... continue reading

First timer with a lot of questions.

This is my first blog and also my first time trying to sell any of my photography. I am looking for advise, constructive criticism, and maybe some words of encouragement. I would like to know how what type of shots sell, how to take them, and any sort of information on this site. are there any useful tips about this site that I am missing?I love photography and love sharing the beauty of the world with others, I hope that I can make some money on the way. I have only taken up photography about... continue reading

What is Digital Art? Understanding the new medium

To be successful as an artist, the general public must be able to value the craftsmanship of my work. The purpose of this Q&A article is to help people who are unfamiliar with digital art, understand how to accept and appreciate this new medium. The questions are based on dialog I have had with artists and art collectors.Q: How do you create your digital artwork?A: I illustrate by hand, using a digital pen and tablet. Software allows me to create a painting, using the computer screen as... continue reading

All about Assignments

Participating in the (more or less) monthly assignments on DT is great fun, and challenges you to go beyond your regular photography. It is rewarding in several ways:- your accepted images are escalated to level 5 at once, wich will not only increase the price, but also results in a better search placement. It will receive 100 artificial downloads at once, although unfortunatly, you do not receive any money for those 100 downloads ;)- participating will result in extra exposure for your picture... continue reading

Stock photography that blogs

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