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Have you ever saw a round rainbow

I saw a picture of the rainbow someone took from a airplain, the amazing thing is that the rainbow is round. but we all know the rainbow should be semicircle, how could it be round.then, I learned that how the rainbow looks like depends on the position you viewing it.I am so attracted to the round rainbow, so I learned how to use the CorelDRAW and created this image. it feels really amazing to created something, and I hope people will like it.  continue reading

First Extended License

What a nice surprise this morning to see my first Extended License download. And for such a simple image of a stack of towels. You never know what will attract buyers. continue reading

Nature never stops to amaze

Hello friends!how amazing is nature!! check out this sun with circular rainbow and clouds, looking at nature never gets boring ;] continue reading

Being Childish

Are you afraid of being childish? That's the worst name you would want to hear somebody calling you with, when you are in your teens. But later... I guess you don't care so much.I wanted to tell you a story about one of my images. That's the one with rainbow. A little red cat is missing there. It should sit right under the rainbow. :) I couldn't recreate it. But that was the memorable drawing from my kindergarten days. I painted it during my drawing lesson with gouache colors. I was so proud,... continue reading

Level 5

I´m very happy because one of my rainbow photos has reached Level 5.That´s the image which brought me a lot of luck:There are a lot of wonderful rainbow photos and illustrations on DT.Here are just a few great examples made by Enbarco , Ciska76 and Miluxian:I enjoy making photos and illustrations with rainbows.They are a great motif which symbolize hope and peace.Thanks for reading! continue reading

2 views, 1 download

I am so happy that this image just online with 2 views only, but on second day got 1 download.Thanks the buyer continue reading

Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow, shall be considered as one of the most famous songs in Hollywood movies. I love rainbows not only because its lovely light spray, but also because it's so rare.Do you also have any shots with real rainbows inside? :-) Please share with me. continue reading

New Rainbow Abstract Series

I wanted to show off a new series I've done of abstract objects in rainbow colors.I could see these colorful images being used primarily as backgrounds, but they could also be used as conceptual images to represent diversity, teamwork or simply primary and secondary colors.Thanks for taking the time to read :) continue reading

Promoting peace

I wanted to find different ways of simbolizing the peace and I create some images to promoting peace. We are living terrible facts and unfortunately this is not a world of only love, everything seems to get worst, frauds, murders, violences, inside the families too. I thought that we should never forget that peace is possible, just like a rainbow is possible, infinites micro drops of water linked together, like us, millions of people living in the same world. continue reading

Rainbow vortex background tutorial

Create a cool rainbow-like vortexy thingemy bobby kind of backgroundy thingy. Errr you know what I mean???LOOK! Just follow this photoshopy tutorially thingmy-bob kind of a thingy and you too can have something like these.-And if you add something else to it like say a planet? You could have something like this.Enjoy! continue reading

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