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Rate my portfolio

Hi guys,I want to have your opinion about my pf.I'm asking that since I have almost no sales here.I'd like to improve.Thank you =)My Portfolio continue reading

Interesting stock rank badge

Today I played some stock rank and after a few games I received this:PrintscreenProbably it was a bug or something like this, because after another game everything was normal. But I really liked that blue badge. Does this really exist or it happened just for me? continue reading

Play Stock Rank and Lose Your Self-Esteem

It's been a while since I wrote a blog, but due to the hundreds of you clamoring for another one, I decided it was time.Well, okay it wasn’t hundreds of you. Okay it was my mom.What inspired my irritation this time was that I was bored so I played a few rounds of Stock Rank. Well if you must know, I played in order to make sure none of my images was in the “No Sales” category. And all I accomplished was lowering my score, which is displayed publicly for all to see and ridicule.Time... continue reading

Ruminations on Dreamstime Stock Rank game

I've been periodically reading DT blogs, and recently noticed some kind of obviously ranking label - wheel with a wing. My curiosity made me click on it and so I discovered the game (or a training tool) of the Stock Rank.I could confess, though my rating is till low and I don't understand reasons why one image sells much better then another in about half of the cases, it's still proven to be very, very useful. I've already learned couple of unbeatable image constitutions, giving you invariably... continue reading

Golden Badge

I love playing games on Dreamstime!Stock Rank.It’s so challenging and so relaxing! Choosing images, evaluating photos and illustrations in a few seconds...Today I thought: I only wish to be able to play at least one game…So I played one, and then I played another one .After I played the third game, one magical moment came: THE GOLDEN BADGE!So people, let’s play Stock Rank! continue reading

Stock Rank-Won't Push My Luck!

Wowzah! I just got a 9 out of 10 in Stock Rank. I usually play it 2 or 3 times a day. But I think I'll quit while I got it good today! continue reading

Have a Personal Photography Site? Tips to Get it Noticed.

As a photographer myself with a website of my own, I spent a lot of time trying to get my work to appear in the top results of search engines. Perhaps you've heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but don't understand what it's about. Perhaps you've never taken the time to fully optimize your site because it sounds too difficult. Well, SEO is often misunderstood, and a lot of people think it is something that only a web developer can do by refactoring some code under the hood of their website.... continue reading

Stock Rank Addiction

Friends, if anyone knows how to keep themselves out of stock rank game, please share. I started playing every day and it kills too much time. The game is clever and short. as it ends, i always pushing "play again" over and over again and everything starts from the beginning..Sounds like an addiction. Do I have a problem, or is it temporarily? I do love the game, but i don't want to spend my life selecting nicer images..What should i do? continue reading

Most popular ?

I wonder about the measure of being a popular image in DT..This one in my portfolio was in the second rank of "Most Popular Images"!( 12288541 )Can someone explain me about the popularity rating of DTThank you very much for reading continue reading

Stock Rank Milestone!

Today I made a milestone on the Stock Rank Game!3000 Games played with 74% Score! (Not gaining from it but learning from it!)When I had my 2000 games in the stock rank game I made a Blog - 2000 Games - Lessons to help understanding what is a Microstock business oriented and what sells... (I advise new members in specific to read it!)Now with 3000 I can just add one small hint... Many of DT buyers are from the US ;) (Believe me that will help you much!)Why only one tip?! I don't want to... continue reading

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