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Realistic 3d rendering with new rendering software

Since I started to learn 3d graphics 12 years ago,my aim was always to represent my ideas on more realistic way.I sell my 3d models on 3d stock markets,so I needed something fast and very realistic,to see how my final 3d model will look like.My aim was to work on freelance projects,and to invest in some kind of rendering software.This year I've got Simlab Composer 2014 animation version from my client I'm working for,and I must say I'm pretty impressed with the speed and realism of the software.... continue reading

New realistic render engine for blender3d

I'v been working with blender3d intense for about 3 years.It is pretty nice software for modeling and animation.For realistic rendering there are some external plugins like yafaray,luxrender,etc.My favorite external render is yafaray.It gives me the speed in my renderings and realism.With new blender3d 2.60 version it came also the new realistic rendering engine called cycles.It renders in realtime,so you can rotate ,zoom and out and see the final render very quickly.To get very quick results in realtime... continue reading

Realistic medical images

Hi folks!I just browsed the DT database for medical and healthcare associated images.I found that there are two kinds of images: first the hyper-perfect kind of studio-made images and second, realistic images made in an real setting.Some examples for both kinds of images:After looking at these images you get the picture, I think.Because there are much more studio-kind images I found it somehow difficult to find images of the realistic kind, and decided to... continue reading

Vectors Aren't Just For Illustrations

It seems like all to often when speaking with other artists or micro stock community members, even potential clients, that the overall belief is that vector art is reserved for illustrations and logos only. While I certainly agree that these items benefit greatly from vector formats and are given a wider range of uses as a result, it seems as though people often times forget that more realistic looking imagery can also benefit from the scalability of vectors. To learn more about vectors go here... continue reading

Realistic Dragon vector..... HELP

I have been trying to find a vector image of a dragon with its body. I have been looking on Dreamstime and another site for 5 months. I was wondering if anyone out there had something that could help me find what I am looking for. Your help would be soooo very appreciated!Thank you, continue reading

Realistic manipulations

Having manipulated photos for quite some time now I have picked up a few tips and decided to make a "tutorial" about the most important steps of creating realistic creations. Imagine having a picture of a person that you want to move to a different background. If you simply cut and paste, it will not look believable. Here's some things you need to think about:1. Light.The light on your model must match the light on your background. The most important part is the direction of the light. If... continue reading

Realism Rules for the Best Toy Cars

Following your passion is usually the best for success in life, or at least for personal satisfaction.My passion is realistic diecast toy cars, although many of them are not so much toys but rather accurate scale models.As I search Dreamstime, I found a definite lack of images of accurate scale model miniature cars, so I took it upon myself to photograph some from my own collection.The result is an ever-increasing assortment of Dreamstime online photos as I submit example daily, and get... continue reading

realistic manipulations- shadows

I want to start by giving a big thank you to everyone that welcomed me to dreamstime, you seem like an awesome crowd and i'm really glad to be a part of it:)Like I said in my first blog I am very much looking forward to sharing some of my tips and ideas here since I learned a lot by others and because the stock pictures here have inspired me to do art i'm very proud of.Manipulating pictures on a daily basis I picked up some things that works really good when aiming for a realistic look.... continue reading

Halloween tutorial (part 5)

Here's a FANTASTIC photoshop tutorial that'll show you how to Add realistic fangs to your models for that classic vampire shot at Halloween time.Sniff! Sniff!Is that garlic I smell?AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! continue reading

realistic flames in photoshop

Here's a great photoshop tutorial that will show you how to create realistic flames.IT'S HOT!!! ;-)Enjoy. continue reading

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